Your training video 2 – Total permission to be

In this video, made while with a beautiful ongoing circle last spring, I touch for you on some rich & crucial aspects of awakening work. The innate or natural awakening of a human being is simply a being the love that you always are, always have been and ever shall be, and all a human being needs to prosper and blossom is total permission, which is rare, both ‘inside’ and outside (from others). And undoing conditioning so that ‘inner’ permission flows isn’t about blaming or dumping freely! Find out how you make life safe – it’s not what the mind thinks! It’s by being fully response-able, utterly, fully awake to what is and being the deepest response, beyond feelings and thoughts. Loving what is so fully that there is no need to seek relief through blaming, dumping, escaping into addictive patterns, trance or made up stories.

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