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  • Absolutely amazing, you are such a delight and I am in awe of your ability to facilitate all that virtually on your own!
    Clearly I can’t stop now. The thought of living my life with that sort of sparkle and pleasure is something I did not imagine was possible at my age!!!! Well I had not actually given up all hope, but was beginning to doubt. And then this. You.

    Philip Batchelor, Stroud

  • I want to mark something that feels really important from our session yesterday. The biggest thing that came was that ‘it’s alright to be me’ & that ‘there is nothing wrong with me and how I do life’. I suppose before there was an underlying feeling that what is right for others should be right for me which left me feeling inadequate. But that’s all gone now. It inspires me to be true to my own needs which makes me feel truly liberated.

    Kim Rossi, Notts

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