Secret Garden participants talk about their experience of Secret Garden, and how they’ve benefited. You can find direct and often unsolicited, testimonials below, and here – let these men and women inspire you to take action and join us

Doing the ongoing Joyful Loving group was in response to a strong bodily yes. It has not always been easy but has been very worthwhile to surrender to the process….definite value and substance. Your ability to keep a cool head in potentially explosive circle situations and your vulnerability inspire me. A rich, deep circle experience supporting mysterious inner unfoldings ~ Annabel Hollis, Stroud

I am doing JL because it’s family for me – it’s like coming homeIt’s where I can be myself, express all of the life in me, and be loved and supported unconditionally.  It’s where I can let go, heal and grow, and learn how to simply be.  It’s where I can re-group and recuperate from the world we live in, and take back the gifts I receive into my life out in the world. And I have been doing exactly that in the years since then – and things continue to consolidate so that this life, inside and out, is immeasurably richer.  And with the riches come more and more stillness and simplicity, which I value above everything these days.  It’s wonderful and amazing.  Like you, Joy ~ Rachel Irvine-Fortescure, Minchinhampton

Joy has true genius in creating mutual trust, and the formation of close bonds, within any circle. Yet she is also sensitive and caring, a woman & friend to all she spends time with ~ Kate, Wilts

continually recognising /understanding the differences between man & woman and the triggers that affect/hinder me in my relating with woman..untangling myself from  mainstream  conditioning & accepted customs and practices….valuing my own voice  in transformational work/ circles. I  particularly enjoyed the expression through movement…connection with emotions & allowing  feelings to be expressed fluidly. You do an excellent job ( both of you ) …I  enjoy you & Tim sharing some of your own experiences in relating makes you and the work seem more accessible to me. A safe space with others who value truth and can also step outside of conventional ways of being. I especially value the  support in my relating life with woman…. so refreshing & replenishing ~ Mike Robinson, Notts.

The balance throughout of being encouraged to take part and yet to be free to choose supported my own desire to engage in a way that felt respectful and safe. Experiencing being with men in a more open and connected way. This work can help everyone that is ready for the life they know on some level they want and truly deserve. Joy’s balance of sensitivity, clarity honesty and stillness creates the feeling of being with someone who really wants my own worth & goodness to be acknowledged and known by me…feeling that I am in the presence of a safe, caring honest, love. I know the best of me is being reflected back to me. This is hard to find in my general life. This has deepened my trust in the work and everyone that is a part of it. Looking forward to our next meeting ~ Mary Cooper, Kent

liberating, transforming, rejuvenating, beautiful and revelatory for me. …. so relevant & transformative on many levels in your everyday life and in your perception of your experience and existence….Words can’t do it! I hope that you feel the gratitude, amazement and love I feel for you ~  Susan S., London

I am less frightened of men, I have more understanding of them and appreciation of their nobility, vulnerability and strength. I have learnt and healed so much from deep sharing with men, in paired structures and on the forum. I am beginning to enjoy my femininity, and finding, expressing and loving my softer, sensual, womanly self.  I am also much more aware of my unhealthy if not destructive patterns of relating in all intimate relationships, but particularly with men and on my way to changing them. I thought I had ‘missed the boat’ and would not get another chance at a relationship with a man, but I have much more openness, willingness and trust about that now. …the sharing from gender circles – hearing both the men and women talk vulnerably, openly and honestly about themselves and the other. The pair work and reflections on them. Witnessing the courageous people who come with their partners speaking deeply, honestly, vulnerably to heal and sort things out between themListening to Joy and Tim talking about their relating with breathtaking truth and love. Every minute in circle and out of circle in this community has potential for deep learning. The informational learning about breath and body and archetypes in relation to relating, sensuality and s**uality was all really helpful. Anyone who takes the chance and dives in to being present, alive and speaking openly cannot fail to be impacted by what is on offer here. Then it is our choice how we take learnings about love, relating, being alive into our lives. The values of truth, love and depth are lived, and demonstrated by Joy & Tim. Exquisite, finely tuned facilitation by Joy on any matter – it is the only place where I feel all of me is truly accepted and where I trust the feedback I am given completely. Joy & Tim speak of and demonstrate simple and profound truths in a completely practical, down to earth way. Secret Garden helps me stay grounded and awake in my life by simultaneously facilitating me to live closer and closer to my nature whilst ensuring I take my self less and less seriously (sometimes anyway). Somehow, in ways I don’t understand I am clearer and stronger in how make more and more conscious choices about every aspect of my life and how I spend my energy and am simply more open to experiencing more of life. More open to joy and peace than before. And when the times come that are dark and ugly, (less often) they are ok too~ Hettie, Stroud 

Joy’s commitment,  generosity, her wisdom about next steps, her capacity to deeply listen and feel, and her laser ability to help men and women cut through emotion & chaos to find focus and crystal clarity are stunning. She is touchingly gentle with those who are sincere and new to this work. Tim supports Joy and all the men with humanity and heart. Their relating in circles inspires and is a wake up call for both men and women ~ Anthony, London

I never thought I needed other people. I was so wrong! Secret Garden people have helped me to change the way I am showing up in the world and the ripples from that have been amazing, eternally and very significant ~  R., Glocs

Joy’s ability to help individuals & couples understand what real love and happiness is, is beyond expression. Her warmth, love, patience, courage & passion has forever imprinted itself on my relationship with myself & with others. If I could afford to double her fees, I would do that in a second. She is definitely the first person on my wedding list! ~ Fiona Campbell, Bristol

The quality of facilitation is rarely, if ever, offered elsewhere. Enjoyed the feeling of safety,and being held by the circle; the sense of wholeness felt by relating with a depth that is rarely possible in the usual course of living. This builds a deep trust and connection and formation of close bonds that I have not encountered anywhere else….a unique offering,and therefore hugely valuable. ~ Graham Vincent, Bath

Joy and the circle’s intelligence gently leads you to where you used to be afraid to go alone – so that you live with more freedom, ease and connection. I find she inspires the trust I need to let go of my unconscious defence mechanisms and embrace the truth – what really is, underneath my resistance or fear or pride ~ A., Glocs.

Joy, you are no distant guru type. You are a loving presence, create warm community, and offer wisdom and guidance with direct personal relevance, opening me to truth, healing & limitless possibilities Neal Thornton, Chiswick

You have been a beacon and anchor in my life for the last 12 years. How I am day to day is informed by my work with you. I just want to say how much I value these circles and also individual work with you Carole Clements, Bradford on Avon

The peace and presence that I am. This knowing gives ‘me’ much more relaxation and acceptance. Everything is arising and it’s great! Nothing needs to change! I have so much gratitude for this opening ~  Julia West, Cirencester

I am eternally grateful for what you have shared with us; it is incredible to see where I was and where I am now. I will definitely continue on this journey and build on the wonderful learnings ~  Tom Lowery, Stroud

After 25 years of searching, I had given up thinking this taste of truth was possible. Even though aspects of my story go on, it makes me laugh now!  ~  Suzanne Bond, Bristol

I really appreciated the depth of connection & warmth…I have not experienced, not heard of work that covers such a unique combination of territory, so rooted in the body & yet so connected to spirit. And holding & allowing that space for people to see & work through their triggers & patterns – wonderful. beautiful, nourishing & enlightening. Since then, whilst I have been gathering the insights into the map in my psyche, how it impacts on my behaviour & relating, I have felt calmer, more grounded, more centred, more sensitive & open. More enjoyment of life in all its different, & sometimes difficult, colours ~  Hettie, Stroud

Absolutely amazing, truly brilliant, almost too mindbogglingly simple to be believed! the best work I have come across. And Joy is the best communicator ever! …Clearly I can’t stop now…. living my life with that sort of sparkle and pleasure is something I did not imagine was possible… was beginning to doubt. And then this, and you ~ Philip Batchelor, Stroud

Thank you for all you offer; the special space you create, gentle yet so securely held, luminous, attentive, and with such love. I so appreciate being part of this circle and the loving friendships within it. Thank you again for a powerful wake up ~ Maggie Tweedy, Stroud

This ongoing work ensures time & space allocated for what really matters, and connecting with man/woman, as well as a deep connection with my being. Joy’s unique offering is her wisdom, intuition & insight. Tim’s is his heart and human-ness ~ Kim Rossi, Notts

I have never known anyone who “walks her talk” like Joy does – unconditional love, pure and innocent child spirit, acceptance of all that is, total surrender to Life in each moment, deep humility. Joy does not set herself apart from others, nor does she try to be something she is not.  This builds a deep trust and connection that I have not encountered anywhere else.

Joy supports men and women to shed old beliefs & wounding and helps them find a new, right way forward. It is wonderful to witness this and experience it. Joy sees and embraces me (all of us) without judgement.  She creates an absolutely safe space where I can totally relax and let go, where all that I am can unfold & express itself.  Light is shone into the darkest corners, and what needs healing has a chance to dissolve and be loved into wholeness.

Joy’s retreats are filled with playfulness, laughter, joy and deep friendship. Why would I not want to come back? For me,  Joy and Secret Garden is both ordinary and extraordinary – there is nowhere else to go – this is it. Secret Garden is in a category all of its own and I long for others to discover it and feel, like I have, a poignant sense of coming home. I love what I discover about honesty, transparency, vulnerability, letting go, being.  Not taking myself too seriously, playing, trying something just for fun. An indescribable something holds me these days in my day to day life, in all life’s ups and downs.  And my trust in Life and confidence in who I am has changed out of all recognition ~ Rachel Irvine-Fortescue, Minchinhampton

Awesome…How good it feels to communicate innocently. Becoming aware of my own wounding so it didn’t need to run/ruin my life ….Learning to speak up.  Learning to say no. This work invites your fundamental core beliefs, projections, judgements and woundings into the light. Extraordinary facilitation will help you release trauma, receive the gold buried in your shadow and celebrate you, just as you are.  To be received and loved when you cannot even bear to look at yourself is profoundly healing.  If you are in any way attracted to this, just do it. Joy’s extraordinary facilitation and the innate intelligence of this potent work will carry your gentle being even when you feel you do not have the capacity to put one foot in front of the other  ~  Jemma Brett, Scotland

Thank you both so much for that which is priceless, absolutely priceless Gold! ~ Ashley Roberts, nr Bristol.

I finally was present enough to notice how the little voice inside me which expresses preferences is “over-run’ by Man’s desires or actions, and lets herself go with his pace & desires rather than oppose it, and thus my inner connection is lost. I recognise it has been this way ALL MY LIFE. Significant for me ~ Amy, Stroud

Secret Garden has been a lifeline. Joy is real, vulnerable and human. She models this for all, so that Secret Garden offers sessions and a grounded, authentic circle of genuine safety Sharon T., Cheltenham

I have spent 15 years learning and reading about spiritual awakening, in these few days the truth of it unfolded for the first time. And life is so much better now! Thank you is inadequate ~ Sally Meadows, Guildford

Thank you so much dear Joy & Tim for the beautiful loving space and for your gift of presence. It was so deeply nourishing to spend time with everyone in the sacred space you both held…..special intimacy & connection. Here’s to friends re-met and new ~ Marian May, Suffolk

Unconditional love in its highest expression, I never saw anything like it in my entire life…. This is too good to keep it secret.  This work takes me completely out of my comfort zone. I embrace the fear & find my courage to continue…..more patience and understanding …I’m not trying to control (my husband) and that’s very impressive for me…I’m proud of myself! ~ Susana Jimenez Montalvo, Leicestershire 

Words can’t express the learnings I’ve had through you & the awakening that’s happened….the experience of life is so totally different from 18 months ago. I feel reborn, a different person. I’m more grateful than I can express ….. blissful … “I” was a swirling cloud of energy in a peaceful harmonious sea of perfection. (Yes I can’t find words to describe it!) Now I’m very peaceful about everything ~ Neal Thornton, Chiswick

Joy is a pioneer, at the forefront of transformational and spiritual facilitation. The biggest thing that came was that ‘it’s alright to be me’ & that ‘there is nothing wrong with me and how I do life’. I suppose before there was an underlying feeling that what is right for others should be right for me, which left me feeling inadequate. But that’s all gone now. It inspires me to be true to my own needs which makes me feel truly liberated ~Kim Rossi, Notts

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