Essence Online Course – Unleash Your Joy & Freedom

Essence is a profound approach for increased freedom, ease, happiness and creativity, and for the letting go of perceived and conditioned limitations.

You will Let go of all you no longer need. Live Light, embodied.

This is a recorded course – and you can and likely will use the video and workbook materials and receive great benefits from for the REST OF YOUR LIFE!

This Online at home exploration is an in depth, stand alone, profound course. It will support and inspire you as you learn and expand.

Buy this webinar series by June 29 along with the Live Joyful Loving Ongoing Group and receive 2 extraordinarily powerful BONUS meditations – Dive Deeper into Freedom, and Essence, Manifest Your Heart’s Desire, worth a total of £58, entirely FREE, with pleasure.

BUNDLE OFFER 1 There is an extraordinary offer available if you book the Depth and Light Retreat  at the same time as purchasing the online webinar series. Make your purchase and  live retreat booking by June 29 and use code essencedeep at checkout to save £50 on the webinar course, on top of the Live Retreat early booking discounts & 2 person discounts!

These 2 online courses and the Live Retreats are highly complimentary and it is recommended that you -if possible- explore them all.

EXTRAORDINARY BUNDLE OFFER 2 If you book the 2 online courses and Depth and Light Retreat altogether by June 29 use code essencedeep to save a massive £100 on your webinars! On top of  your Live Retreat early booking & 2 person discounts!

This Online course is a mandatory element of the Essence Coaching Training, currently a closed ongoing group (email us if interested for next year). If you participate in these in future, you receive a full credit for Essence Online and/or Forgiveness webinar course purchases on booking the deep dive training.

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You will need an internet connection and computer so that you can download recordings of webinar sessions, download the written course book material, and – if you wish-participate in the private forum. The sessions are recorded so you can listen to the guided meditations again and again. There will be 6 90 minute weekly modules in total, so you can go at your own pace and take integration time, and review the materials whenever you like. The sessions are interactive, you can listen to past participants bringing material to dissolve with Joy’s expert guidance, there is time for individual explorations, and a forum for questions and answers with Joy Hicklin-Bailey.

If you wish to experience the whole Essence Awakening Training (of which Essence Online is an essential part, and which also includes the Forgiveness Online course and two 5 day Live Retreat Circles)- please note that is a closed group currently. Please write to us or call us if you wish to be added to a waiting list for this training. When booking re-opens, only book this element via that training page, here if you wish to experience this whole extraordinarily life-enhancing journey.

Additional information

Accomodation per person Weekend Mayfaire 2 nights

£0 No Accomodation, £42 Your Camper Van, £42 Your Tent Camping…, £50 Dorm with Mats, £58 Twin with Mats, £64 Double with Bed, £64 Single with Mats, £70 Single with Bed

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