Secret Garden Aliveness Moving, Stillness Listening Meditation Download

This  meditation catalyses your embodied awakening and brings you deep healing. This practice invites an intimate meeting with all that you are and all that is, including your raw wild root energy, your spacious all-receiving heart, the thousand petalled lotus  and everything in between. Bring your deepest questions, struggles & patterns to your meditation mat & dive beneath them! Perhaps forever.

You will be guided into trust of the unconscious and your physical body and its exquisite energetic intelligence.
Profoundly free-ing, deeply transformational journey into deep embrace of your wild, animal, human and sublime nature.
Deep Dive into Silence and Stillness can arise.
This meditation synthesises cutting edge knowledge of how you as a human being self-heal, then enhance your self-awareness, and ultimately go beyond the personal into creative, wisdom filled largeness.

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Presence ❤ spaciousness ❤ creative energy, ❤ ease ❤  simple happiness ❤  an open heart? Download now for immediate access & lifetime use, for home practice.
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meditation for embodied awakening or deep healing which you download to practice at home. Intimate meeting with all that you are and all that is. Do you want more…
Presence ❤ spaciousness ❤ creative energy, ❤ ease ❤  simple happiness ❤  an open heart? The length of this journey of meeting your animal, human and sublime nature is 58 minutes (plus resting time if desired). Please ensure you will have uninterrupted private space to complete this meditation. It is important for maximum benefit to complete the whole of this profoundly free-ing, deeply transformational meditation. A pillow is useful. Wear loose comfortable clothing or remove some or all clothing if wished. You will be guided throughout. After the first 2 minutes of standing on a solid floor, it is recommended to use a soft mat or camp mattress, so you can move very freely with the body lying flat. After the solar plexus stage, please note you are invited to stand with your back straight, so that energy is free to rise. Please note that there are several periods of silence, these are part of the meditation and do not mark the end of it. After the ‘return’, for the final silent, still phase, marked only by the bells, sit up with a straight back. The ringing of bells 3 times marks the end of your meditation. This product is Own Use only and not for public use of any kind, unless you have been trained in Being With People and/or Essence and approved to deliver the meditation by its founder, Joy Hicklin-Bailey. You can end your meditation with rest, in silence or listening to soft music.


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