One of the best retreats that I have ever attended. The venue & food were great. There was a lot of good bonding (during the b & b at your home). Very good atmosphere. I found myself going very deep in both the giving and receiving which was amazing. I felt liberated and free. ~ Anthony B., Surrey

What you Say about Secret Garden Retreats – Rediscover the Joy in Being

Thank you both so much for that which is priceless, absolutely priceless Gold!’ ~ Ashley Roberts, nr Bristol

Can't find words to express my love and gratitude to you beautiful Joy! I soo feel how incredible essential your work has been and is to my life!! ~ Sabina Rademacher, Barcelona and Portugal

How amazing you & this retreat has been! It has been more than I had ever hoped for. I am reborn. I have learned a great many things from you. Thankyou & blessings for all that you have shown & shared & thank you for the healing I learned to give & accept ~ Irena Tymruk, Colognac, France

Thank you for all your help & insights… the ongoing group was a beautiful experience & deeply insightful. I am deeply grateful to K. for finding you & taking me along…with love & deep gratitude ~ Craig Price, Chippenham

It is one of the most enjoyable courses I have ever been on ~ Anthony Lamb, Devon

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Be held, received, so you can open, heal, envision

Deborah Maddison talks about the benefits of Secret Garden

I had no idea that it would touch me so deeply…. I did feel very well held both by you & Tim and the group with gentleness love, compassion and also firmness. It did make it feel safer. ~ May. Bristol

Luscious Lomi

The Interconnectedness of Life, Benefits of Lomi Matthew Hart, Bristol

This LomiLomi Retreat will leave you finding a million answers to a million questions. You stand at the door of a world that holds no boundaries for spiritual growth and well being. Above all sharing the natural instinct for expressing love, to a person you've never met ~ James Elsmore, Forest of Dean

A clearer sense of the way forward. More aware of others, more empathy, more kindness. A jump off point into the future. Loved the the circle work, talks & philosophy, the music,– everything! You’ve nothing to lose but your restrictions & everything to gain. ~ Pauline Dalley, Gloucestershire

If you are inspired by this taste of the riches others have received, book your place now on the next Retreat

It was heaven on earth! ~ Rose Dayton, Parkstone, Dorset

a very heartfelt thank you for the Huna retreat…. I also feel more skilled to be able to use some of the tools…. . I feel empowered to be able to both sit with my painful feelings and integrate or release them... ~ Karen Scott, Narberth

Bless you for so many things, most especially for being you! Huna has already changed me, & I now appreciate living for each moment. I have always been fairly insightful around people, but this has become more fine-tuned now, & I recognise how this will benefit my job & my life in general. ~ Stella Shackle, Norwich

I'm still integrating the experience, it was wonderful. ~ Claudia Zimmerman, London

really enjoyed being in the circle with people. I found this work gentle, honest and loving and I feel I gained a lot from attending and will be going back for more ~ Kate Tovey, Ebbw Vale

Deepest thanks to you, dear Joy, for truly enriching work. Your energy & your teaching have marked a beautiful high-light in my life for which I will always be grateful. Memories of the love we shared. The teaching, the sharing, the precious connecting in with Higher Self & unconscious mind, the beautiful surroundings, the music. Wonderful soul food that will help your spirit to grow in peace & love. Opening up & connecting with spirit. Being looked after.
~ Angelika Blu, Lincs

A profound transformation in the way I work with healing. It lightens me, frees me of any need to fix or smooth. It enables people to be who they are without pressure There are no words really to describe how tenderly I will hold you in my heart. I’ve learned so much from my week with you that I will put into practise in my life. You are such a strong clear mirror. I love the way you live. Your gentle strength, your wisdom, your love, your beauty touch my soul. ~ Eveon, IoW

You are an inspiration. Your passion for and practice shows in your joyous face and your ability to communicate with others. Bless you for the Light you shine upon others as you walk your path with love ~ Carolyn, IoW

Community, rituals, chanting. More confidence in myself. Ideas for my future work…I have formed a life changing plan. ~ Patti Holden

I have shifted very old patterns - I feel more powerful and intensely nurtured. This work is very nurturing ~ Lynne M, Oxon

can benefit everyone/anyone when they are ready to make this journey & open their hearts to love ~ Karen Smyth

I want this to be waiting for you on your return to say how much I enjoyed our time together in Maui. It is something I will always remember as a wonderful experience & with great joy. So far I am keeping up with the teachings, even to walking meditation in the Park ! My prime goal is receiving attention ( more on that in May) & I still feel a rosy afterglow ~ Jill

The work we did was very powerful & is still moving within me ~ Phillip Atkinson, Chalford

Thank you Joy! I loved all of it and especially the chanting & the fire ceremony ~ Laragh

I understand my needs, my wants, my desires, my dreams. feel in balance & able to take control of my life. I feel awoken to my spirituality. I feel excited about my future. Nothing seems out of reach. Knowing I have made some fabulous connections is incredible. Feeling like I for the first time really know where I fit in this world ~ Anon

A letting go of life’s demands ~ Mieke Bali, London

More confidence in myself. Ideas fore my future work. Learning how to create the life of my dreams step by step. ~ Jill H., Norfolk

Thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks for so much. Very empowering experience ~ Sharon, Norfolk

Understanding & acceptance of wanting & letting go. ~ Ray, Wilts

Huna will benefit anyone who wants to be more conscious; who wants to open up & be real; who longs to be themselves & be accepted for who they are - exactly as they are. This work helps us to realise there really IS more than we can see in ``normal`` life; that energy is real & that we can work with it to evoke change in ourselves & in our lives
~ Sue Robinson, Congleton

A chance of a lifetime & an amazing journey spiritually. Memorable & worthwhile ~ Jennifer Davidson, Newport, I of Wight

You are an inspiration & a true Light Worker ~ Adrienne Hermann, Spain

Thank you for such a wonderful week. You have brought me such “Joy” this week & I thank you . You are an incredibly gifted beautiful soul & I will forever value our meeting.
~ Angelina, Sedona

It saved my wee spirit which was on its last legs. Your holding the spirit & the group in your hands. Full connection with myself. Discovering the energy force of the natural world. That many changes which I needed to make have already been made. Its soul, its power, its holding, its sunsets, sunrises, wind, rain & sun. Leave expectations at home & you can change your life. ~ Lynn Kennedy, Ireland

I want to express my profound appreciation & gratitude for your love (whether it be soft & fluffy or hard & steely), presence & holding of our group & everyone in it. What you offer us all is so very precious…thank you for your generosity in service to us all ~ Deborah Maddison, Bristol

Thank you from all that we are for giving us this experience & opening us to the gift that is Huna. This has truly awakened us. All that you taught & the way you did it touched us & ‘fitted’ us so perfectly. With infinite love & respect. It truly was a blessing finding you & the ways of Huna which will always be part of our lives. ~ Lyn Munro & Karen, now New Zealand

Thanks so much for the huna experience. It was truly amazing ~ Kate Havord, Chippenham

The beauty of the garden, the pool, the sea, the chants, the music, the sunset at Lahaina, the waterfall. Powerful tools for self-knowledge &t ransformation, gets people out of their heads. ~ Sue Tenkel

Loved the way it was run & taught (the timing of the teaching – when there was silence, when words were said, music played etc in particular was perfect). Being challenged & allowed to look deeply into my own self. I enjoyed our week together & all that we learnt & experienced, & thank you again for all your wisdom & leadership in introducing us to the power of Huna ~ Jackie, Cornwall

Joy is an inspiration to work with & one of the clearest light workers I have met ~ Lee Woodhams, London

Our time together was a truly special start to my year & I felt I could share & be with you in ways I had never contemplated! I will always have precious memories of it. It HAS been useful in my life & I have moved on a lot since I got home. (What is important to me) includes that magic word …touch- to be touched in spirit & body! (I enjoyed) actually being able to drop so easily into the flow of the week & let go of stuff like (I must do this!) the sharing …the learning of the workshop itself & what felt like such a beautiful easy connection between us. This retreat is a wonderful way to nourish your being in a nurturing, true, connected environment. Beautiful, fabulous, nourishing, transformational – Joy is truly gifted & in touch with the essence of life ~ Jane Seaman, Poole

Very enjoyable & enlightening ~ Gino, London

Acceptance of self more fully, peacefulness, more inner purpose, eased stress & anxiety. Raised awareness, acceptance of self, feelings of calmness & harmony
~ Janet Jones

The way the retreat was run & taught (the timing/rhythm of the teaching – when there was silence, when words were said, music played etc in particular - was perfect). Loved being challenged & allowed to look deeply into my own self. I enjoyed our week together & all that we learnt & experienced, & thank you again for all your wisdom & leadership ~ Jackie, Cornwall

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