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Heal Your Past, Grow Your Power and Love

July 23 @ 10:45 am - July 24 @ 3:15 pm

Heal Your Past, Grow Your Power and Love

Do you value freedom, conscious relating, living alive and awake, beingness?

Dive into ancestral lineage healing. This is very beautiful work. Each participant will have held space for their specific intention. You can receive support in refining that before dropping into your deep enquiry.

When offering support in holding the circle, or acting as a chosen representative, you will benefit from deep immersion in that which is beyond you, a dive into stillness and silence. Numbers are necessarily strictly very limited for this event.

You cannot live an awake life of presence and love unless your relationship with the past – both personal, familial and collective – is resolved.

These old messages live in your bones, your organs, your DNA. Light and love transmutes them permanently so that there is increased light in the being.

Until there is consciousness and love brought to these limiting codes are are passed down the generations, to your children and beyond, eternally.

This is an energy healing. Fundamental to all Joy’s work is the core principle that life is energetic and unconditional. Life simply responds to the signals you give out, whether those signals are conscious or unconscious. Unconsciously, we carry very powerful templates related to family lineage. We are unlikely to ever know the fullness of these, but ancestral lineage work, part of the EssenceTM work of Secret Garden, reveals to you what is most relevant to the particular intention you bring to the work. With the assistance of other representatives chosen from the circle, you can change the shape, the dynamics, and the felt sense in your own body, of limitations and trauma that has been passed down through your genealogy, whether through parents or much further back, from earlier generations or the collective. Ancestral lineage work is the root simple, natural approach of indigenous healers. It goes much deeper than the commonly marketed approaches to family healing, which have packaged a few aspects, and missed core principles.
Through ancestral lineage work, you don’t just step more fully your own life; you also release what is no longer needed. Your own children and following generations no longer need to carry that material either. You embrace a connection to many other lives, potentially your own past lives and those of your ancestors’. This brings you power. These ancient connections, when you are in harmonious alignment with them, allow a flow of aloha, love and energy into your own life and all its circumstances.

Are you ready to deeply live the truth that all that is real is the love that you are?

Are you ready to resolve your inner & outer conflicts, face current challenges and create more pleasure as love, doing what love would do?

Are you ready to create real & profound change by working deeply within your being with that which isn’t love and discover the awesome power & joy of your heritage?

Are you ready to heal old trauma from your own or your family’s past which you are conscious of?

Would you love to heal the collective wounds you carry in your bones? … then this retreat is for you!

Join the men and women who choose to sit in circles of healing and awakening because you, like them, value heart over mind.

Because you intuit that every human problem dissolves in the heart’s silence and that intelligent action, when needed, comes from that freedom and stillness.

Come join us if you are ready for what lies beyond the personal, if you value freedom to be over personality, if you are ready to drop your old stories and ideals for the sake of What Is.

Suitable for all who wish to live a chosen life, rather than a conditioned one, and for coaches and facilitators, for own exploration (further training available).
In order that all can explore their own ancestral lineage enquiry, places will be strictly limited.
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a catalyst for fundamental change in how I look at life; I have found time to love myself more, have placed greater priority towards strengthening relationships within my family & other friendships and am pursuing a pathway which is heartfelt than mind felt. I also saw huge benefit in how circles are successful when well facilitated and held with love. It was also useful to see some individuals further along the awakening journey “fine-tuning” themselves vulnerably, while also modelling “best practice” for others…the importance of being present; dropping judgements; being aware of our own shadow/triggers and their impact on others & embracing the pure beauty of being truly intimate with others ~ Paul Collins, Glocs.

Ensures time/space allocated for what really matters, and … a deep connection with my being. Joy’s unique offering is her wisdom, intuition & insight. Tim’s unique offering is his heart and human-ness ~ Kim Rossi, Notts

Being around a pretty conscious bunch of good men & women should provide a fertile zone of learning, listening & applying lessons. And so it was ! ….I feel more at home in my life & am taking responsibility for my part in making it work well.  My shiatsu practice has gained … & I have more clients now. Warmth..inspiring…richness…real intimacy…an adventure I have valued and gained deeply from. I thank you, Tim & Joy ~ Kalandar Warren, Stroud

Top quality healing & growth for the separate self, whilst all around the whisper that the separate self is not real. This Love-infused combination is pretty special. Joy: profoundly loving, profoundly insightful, funny, earthy. Penetrating insight combined with unconditional love. Tim: wonderfully human, wonderfully encouraging, funny, clean; a beautiful – road-tested – masculine light, full of love. The down-to-earth humour of you both is worth its weight in gold. I feel constantly, quietly, encouraged and celebrated through being part of the Secret Garden community ~ Stephen Hancock, Devon

I’m feeling different, it’s subtle but real. I feel happier with what is, & am noticing so much love & beauty around me every day. My deepest gratitude to you dear Joy for all that I have learned & am learning from you ~ Karen Scott, Narberth 

This is cutting-edge ~ Steve, Isle of Man

Book Your Place Here  | How Others Have benefited


Venue:  Old Town Hall, Central Stroud
Dates:  Sat May 28, 10 45am-Tues May 31, 3 15pm

Times: Arr 10 minutes before start unless assisting set up

Accommodation: this is non-residential. Non-res Catering to incl 2 lunches 2 suppers & refreshments. but some single accommodation, or double/twin for couples, and camping is available at Mayfaire if desired. Book catering and/or b & b at the booking page at the same time as booking your place.

We  intend this group to be fully face to face, with a few very un-intrusive measures taken for your safety and rich no-touch options always available. We ask that you respect others’ boundaries about contact so that all participants feel fully relaxed Our Covid Safe Practices


July 23 @ 10:45 am
July 24 @ 3:15 pm
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