Joyful Loving Secrets of Awakened Intimacy

Have you ever felt stuck in relating to another? Here are some of the keys to awakened intimacy, the qualities YOU can grow in your being to create the space where true, deep intimacy can arise.These qualities can help you heal your wounded responses in relating to partners, family, friends.

You’re going to learn WHY these qualities work so well, & HOW TO apply these strategies for maximum energetic response from life.

When the wounds of the separate self are there the solution seems very far away…so what can help you through the pain & into connection, authenticity & love?

Love is a dying to all you think you know. Co-operate with nature.Dismantle the dark & open to the miracle of life, here, now.

This video is a peek into a live circle. It gives you a flavour though of course circles are always endlessly new. Your next free training video is specially made for you & will go into detail about ANOTHER, & the most crucial, key, which you really MUST develop in order to create a happy relating life & your happy life in all areas.

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