Your training video 1 – All there is is Wholeness

Life is energetic, never personal. Have you ever experienced unfulfilled longings about your life? The video gives you some of the keys to awakening, why dismantling is necessary, actually inevitable, if freedom and true, deep intimacy with all that life is, can arise. Secret Garden gives you powerful keys which can help you heal your wounded responses in life and live a rich, awake dance with existence and with those – partners, family, friends – with whom you choose to share your life.

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Love is a dying to all you think you know. Co-operate with nature. Dismantle the conditioning that limits love & open to the miracle of life, here, now.
Watch the video to get a peek into a live circle. It gives you a flavour, though – crucially – all circles and live online events are your opportunity for active exploration, you find gifts in highly experiential structures and interactive meetings. Circles are always endlessly new, a dive into the intimate territory of not knowing!​

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