Unconditional love in its highest expression, I never saw anything like it in my entire life ~ Susana J, England

What You Say about Being Ongoing Group – Rediscover the Joy in Being

Thank you so much for the love and care you had for all of during this last module - I am in awe of how you manage to meet all of us where we need to be met. ~ Helen., Bristol

Your trainings are amazing, deep & fulfilling experiences within your protected loving embrace ~ Robert Taylor, Dubai

A very simple & effective way of gaining deep insights…….. And resolution of conflicts that havent been sorted in the outside world. The result being the creation of clarity, space, stillness ~ Emma D., Wiltshire

I humbly feel, so grateful when Joy or Tim write to us all in the blue letter e-mails which to me mean ``High Priority, TAKE NOTICE`` and often I read their words and my mind says to me I do not quite understand this but another part of me says ``YES, It's there, it's on the tip of my tongue, I know this,............. but I can't quite live it yet. ~ Ashley Roberts, Nr Bristol

thank you thank you thank you…..you are a beacon in the dark…and I see how you take the negativity of our projections in compassion…this sounds grand but I really can see this is your loving being ~ Surahbhi McMellahn, Ashburton

Joy creates a strong supportive environment to explore & accept the full spectrum of being human ~ Carole Clements, Bath

The greatest learning that I have gained from the ongoing group is to really feel, not try to run away, get busy or distract myself from pain, from the uncomfortable, from the unbearable but just to drop down into my body and feel it. I have found that the feelings change far more quickly and the aliveness and energy that arises in my body from really feeling is actually often quite blissful. You are both gorgeous and inspiring – I love you. Thank you for the incredible module and all your love…a wonderful module!’ ~ Stephanie Lister, London

Alaistair Howard-Dobson, Painswick

Sabina Rademacher, Portugal

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this has been a life-changing experience, ….. This has been a major benefit in my work life and in home, real value for the rest of my life and beyond. The most significant insight is that I am responsible for my feelings & my life as a whole. I’ve most enjoyed the growing friendships & intimacy with the rest of the Group, the Men’s circles have been specially supportive. Most memorable have been a number of the morning meditations. For anyone wanting to enhance their life, I would recommend Being With All That Is Ongoing groups. Thank you, Joy ~ Ian Cridland, Painswick

Can't find words to express my love and gratitude to you beautiful Joy! I soo feel how incredible essential your work has been and is to my life!! ~ Sabina Rademacher, Barcelona and Portugal

The simplicity of just being. There is nowhere to get to, it’s just life unfolding. Love it. Joy’s approach is unique in that she holds the space so that I can explore whatever I need to and she has a way of guiding in a non-intrusive way. Thank you from my heart for your love and dedication. ~ Kim Rossi, Nottinghamshire

Thank you for everything you have given – I love you ~ Matt S., London, now New Zealand

Words can’t express the experiences I’ve had through you & the awakening that’s happened….my experience of life is so totally different from 18 months ago I feel reborn, a different person. I’m more grateful than I can express ….. I’m feeling very peaceful about everything ~ Neal Thornton, Chiswick

the ongoing group has been a priceless opportunity for me to be with others in trust and love, in a safe space to re/live and test my ancient stories... now there is so much I feel I can let go of, so much largeness to move into. Along with my deep respect for members of the group and you, i feel that my own life and work has real value. There is such bravery in our circle, and in our courage we all help each other to be truer and stronger and even more graceful. I feel full of grace and blessed ~ Rachel B Bristol

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James Hunt, Cheltenham

Deborah Maddison talks about the benefits of Secret Garden

It has been a time of actually getting past the walls of protection within myself, to feel my feelings, massive. It has been a time of so many No’s, my inner child, in her fragmented state, needed to repattern so many intrusions, and it was so very very healing. I was able to just be. It was huge – powerful coaching brought to the surface a whole piece of my unconscious behaviour, rebelling, was priceless and has changed me permanently. I have so much more respect for myself now I have been able to eliminate these old structures from my being. I can trust myself, and my self perception, which has been a huge block to my happiness, and in relationship, is very different, and empowered. I feel so honoured, and so much love for myself. I know I have been massively privileged. And deeply held. I have dissolved so many walls, safely, and come to know myself so much more, the layers have been revealed, piece by piece, at a pace that was manageable, I have learned not to judge, take over, talk for someone else, project, so many precious gems of skills of communication that I was previously floundering around with. I know I still make mistakes, but compared to the beginning or even relatively recently, it’s a new beginning now. Being able to stay at Joy’s home is such a blessing, as is the strong sense of community and teamwork. It is very powerful, the accountability. That’s another thing, my compassion for myself and towards others has really softened and grown. Recently I have been much more honest, and had much more authentic boundaries, things are changing, massively, and I am so grateful.
I have learned not to sit on things! What a difference it makes!!!!!!!!!! And others get to contribute and share, I get to understand, and be heard! AMazing!!!!!!! And theres nothing wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOw !!!!!!!!!!!! Recently I … have been having really refreshing honesty in communication with people, really powerful interactions. Self responsibility and ownership of feelings has become a way of life. I am so much more in my body now. My body has learned to trust me. I can feel the energy coming down through my feet into the earth. That is relatively new. Witnessing the powerful interactions in the circle has been so engaging. I feel so much respect for everyone in the group, and gratitude. And it has been a blessing to feel into it all, how each interaction touches me and others. I’ve learned so much. I am really taking on how important it is to challenge situations and relationship issues, with an open heart, and enough guts to tell the truth, this is my next step, and .. I can see how your example is gold dust for me, and I am really letting it in Having you as my teacher is very precious, the love you freely share, and the sometimes literally nakedness of your willingness to show up, and hold space, is incredible, the raw beauty and clarity of your guidance is such a gift. And your knowing of when I am ready for the next level, and patient witnessing of the stuff that has to move in its own way first, I am truly grateful that you have the ability to watch the waves, and like a well experienced surfer, know which one to catch
Bless you Joy, and Tim too, for his wisdom too, and deeply compassionate nature, and clear boundaries, it is a privilege to be held by you both, in such light and love, thank you so much ~ Hari Ma, Bristol

your gift is precious & shining, like a gem. Seriously, if I was able to paint , I would have painted you as a human goddess joyfully sacrificing to alchemically wake up the SPIRIT of LOVE in this physical dimension ~ Sho Moskowitz, Devon

I now observe how I move in and out of well established patterns with an ever thinner disguise on. I used to say that this circle work saved my life but I now see it is my life. Thank you for being with me ~ Scott, Bristol

thank you so much for your wonderful holding of our ongoing group. I feel so blessed to be working with you:-) ~ Kim Rossi, Notts

How amazing you & these ongoing retreats have been! It has been more than I had ever hoped for. I am reborn. I have learned a great many things from you. Thankyou & blessings for all that you have shown & shared & thank you for the healing I learned to give & accept ~ Irena Tymruk, Colognac, France

Philip Batchelor, Stroud

Kim Rossi, Notts

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Its only on looking back that I can see how much I've changed since my first meeting with you. Today I feel so much more of a whole being, I was always able to look up and it was perhaps too much of an escape for me but now I revel in my humanness too, in the blessings of earth and the joys she brings. I recognise and bless ALL aspects of my being, I take ownership of who I am and my place in the universe. Reflected in the group are all facets of learning, the faces of all people, some easy, some not so but all gratefully received. What a wonderful year it has been, what a wonderful being you are and thank you so much for sharing yourself with us. I would recommend anyone who is interested in 'getting real' to join you ~ Pauline Dalley, Winchcombe

Thank you for all your help & insights… the ongoing group was a beautiful experience & deeply insightful. I am deeply grateful to K. for finding you & taking me along…with love & deep gratitude ~ Craig Price, Chippenham

Being With All That Is ongoing group has given me plenty opportunities to release old suppressed pain and to learn how to deal with stress in the future. I have really enjoyed being amongst open people who are there to help each other in the atmosphere of trust and support in lovely surroundings of your beautiful home and the venues. I learned to love and accept myself warts and all…total bliss!! ~ Mira Kubulae, Henley

Wow! I had a massive result..... Previously my family weekends with my children and step son had been almost unbearable, now they feel fine, and good at times! My whole way of being with men has shifted too, to the extent that relations with my ex have turned from sour to really very amicable. I feel like I have more energy for my life and my heart feels lighter, softer, more open. Life with my partner is also reflecting this in a joyful and loving way. The old ways seem like a bad dream now, thank God. Something really big has shifted in me and it reminds me how subtle yet immensely powerful your work is - I'll be coming back for more and more ~ Deborah Maddison, Clutton near Bristol

It is one of the most enjoyable courses I have ever been on ~ Anthony Lamb, Devon

an opportunity to let go of what was and fears about the future….to explore my relationship with death (mine and in general), and my shadow side that's so often not allowed…. I am much more aware of impermanence, my relationship with death and my own death. To notice and honour my fears is valuable. When death appears before me now…. I am less likely to withdraw and more likely to stay open to what is. I'm more aware of attachment and also a sense of not putting things off within family and friends relationships. (Return to Source) ~ Louise Hargreaves, Loughborough

Surahbhi McMellahn, Ashburton

Mike Robinson, Notts

I had no idea that it would touch me so deeply…. I did feel very well held both by you & Tim and the group with gentleness love, compassion and also firmness. It did make it feel safer. ~ May, Bristol

I had been on Return to Source previously and found it so astonishing that I wanted to experience it again. On a deeper level i've really craved for the opportunity of this experience, and both times it has been a very different and fulfilling experience for me. Return to Source is so incredibly valuable I would do it again and again…. I feel a bit calmer and more at ease…. I can see that allowing death to happen can be liberating, transforming, rejuvenating, beautiful and revelatory for me. That desperately holding on to what I believe I have or am in control of, just stops me from allowing all of this in to my life…. This is so relevant and transformative on many levels in your everyday life and in your perception of your experience and existence. (Return to Source) ~ Susan S., London

Thanks Joy, I really appreciate you taking the time for me. You are a very special person & i feel blessed to have you in my life. Your wisdom is a source of support & strength for me. ~ Karen Cooke, Stroud

I always want to bring my friends to your more public weekends in our ongoing work because I want others to experience the wealth that I have received...Thank you. I really feel how much you see that you don’t always voice but you notice & give space to what is needed. Sometimes there is a growth in not having something offered on a plate but having the space to reach out for it oneself & I see you give us each that space as I also see you reach out so tenderly to each of us when we really need it. ~ May, Bristol.

A clearer sense of the way forward. More aware of others, more empathy, more kindness. A jump off point into the future. Loved the the circle work, talks & philosophy, the music,– everything! You’ve nothing to lose but your restrictions & everything to gain. ~ Pauline Dalley, Gloucestershire

... the radically safe space you hold around listening, conflict, upset, emotive communication is rubbing off on me. ...so rare to experience it modelled with intensity, commitment and heart, as I’ve experienced with you. I like it! ~ Sho Moskowitz, Devon

When you ….announced on Saturday night that we were now entering what you described as ritual space was for me one of the highlights of the weekend. It suddenly created a space that just had not existed a few moments beforehand. You are a true shaman…. I fully appreciate the astonishing strength and depth of your love and passion… I did absolutely love your very feminine approach to the whole affair (Return to Source) ~ Andrew Collier, Bath

I can't recommend Joy highly enough for wisdom and effective facilitation ~ Neal Thornton, Chiswick

Thank you both so much for that which is priceless, absolutely priceless Gold!’ ~ Ashley Roberts, nr Bristol.

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