Your Video – Everyone is Your Joyful Lover

This video is a glimpse into a live circle. It gives you a taste, though of course circles are always endlessly new and mainly experiential.

Life is energetic. So the Joyful Loving circle is often a dismantling and awakening. Have you ever been triggered and in pain – apparently because of someone ‘outside of you’?

You’re going to learn about the challenge of undoing projection, conditioning, defence mechanisms. What to live? Triggers, blame or a the fountain of joy.

Joy invites you to reclaim your life force. The revelation can be the miracle of being.

This is your also your rare window to attend the last Joyful Loving weekend for at least a year.

Go to to book one of the limited places

Event details at and if you need to know more go to

Find out What Other Participants Say at and You can receive what others receive….

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