Your Secret Garden Video from Joy Hicklin-Bailey

You might ask yourself honestly-what comprises your old, used up cling film self protection currently asking to be (lovingly) binned? Self-blame? Controlling yourself or others or life? Jealousy? Demand? Not voicing a deep truth? Pride? Superiority? Holding on to judgement? Being right? Betrayal of self or others?

Whatever ‘your’ cling film is, just take it into your daily practice. Face it. Love it. Allow the let go. JUST DO IT!

Joy talks in the video below about how in Joyful Loving explorations, words & touch are refined and a waking up of the senses happens as ‘me’ is dismantled. The senses are naturally transmitters for beingness. The longed – for deepest intimacy can simply and naturally arise.

The senses transmitting beingness – and cling film

The resonance of the beauty, innocence, the wonder of life, of Light, can only be pointed to, it can never be captured in words.

And there is nothing you can do to ‘get,’ it this Most Intimate! It is shared energetically & osmotically absorbed in weekend retreats. & trainings, there is no agenda to change anyone, all is seen as magnificent!

AND, there is nothing wrong with making the apparent story of your relating better.  AND – another paradox – the more open emptiness is simply lived, the more the healing can happen that enhances your personal story over time.

Joyful Loving explorations can for sure help you make your story better and better, through the moment by moment invitation (which your mind will refuse), into the natural reality, which is light and love, beyond the mind.

With those who have an ongoing commitment to Secret Garden, they have a daily practice home play which, amongst other things, directly invites them into the senses. That is how important this is if you wish to live the natural, rich reality, rather than your projected mind-made version of reality.  I hope the short video below inspires you to make sure that every day you wake up your senses. Ditch the cling film!

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Margaret Koolman

I’m still trying to hear these videos. I’ve got my computer sound right up and the video sound right up, and I can hear the odd few words tantalisingly there, but not whole sentences. If nothing can be done, it just means that I don;t get to hear Joy speak. Margaret Koolman


Im really sorry Margaret. Im not sure how we can help further. One more suggestion is to listen via earphones. or try listening on a friend’s computer to see how that is. Really sorry for your experience of this xx

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