Essence Coaching Training Online Supervision and Awakening Work 2021

Live Alive, Awake, Open and Pass On The Gifts

These online gatherings bring you a highly experiential blend of group supervision, guided meditations and powerful awakening structures. The structures will be tailored expertly to the specific needs and interests of this intimate group.

There will also be a defined Q & A session and you will be able to ask any questions at intervals, too.

These sessions are designed to be a safe environment to help you:
* be witnessed in & resolve your own thoughts, feelings and reactions to your clients’ challenges
* explore issues concerning professional boundaries, codes of practice and case management
* gain support and useful feedback from your peers and from Joy
* give even better service to your clients by building your own strong, positive professional self-esteem

* deepen your realisations of awakening

*reflect on recent coach – coachee interaction

*identify and work with issues of continuous professional development using super -`vision’

* have more contact and co-operation with your peers (if you tend to feel alone in your client work)
* be held accountable to the standards of excellence in Essence practice

* have a smooth running, healthy practice, by managing the practicalities and energetics of running your practice

We will share 4 of these private sessions in all during the Essence Coaching Training. They are designed to align with and complement the Essence Coaching Training Webinars and your private One to One Supervision.

They are highly relevant for all participants of the Essence Coaching Training, whether you wish to be assessed and qualify as an Essence Coach or not. Supervision is mandatory in the psychotherapeutic field.

The first online meeting will be in April 2021.

The final one of these gatherings will likely be in winter 2021.

Confirmed dates will be published at the website’s top bar ‘Attend’ button

Please email Joy asap with any dates you have definite committments and cannot do during these periods.

I’ve just started listening again to the last webinar and wanted to feedback. I feel so supported by working with you and the guidance I received is helping my business evolve and growing my confidence in working with clients. It was wonderful to work organically in the session and I also learned a lot by being with the other coaches and learning from their challenges too. The other important benefit for me is that I also had an opportunity to work with whatever arose in me so by the end of the session, I felt more free and alive. It’s such great stuff. More of this kind of work would be great. Thank you Kim Rossi, Notts

Course Fees

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  • Group Sessions - please book the first 1 2 months before the agreed date

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The venue

We meet online. You need a computer, reliable internet access and quiet, private space. You will receive a link to the private meeting approx one week beforehand.

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