Meditation Talks

This series of short videos and mp3 audio tracks brings you a transmission of liberation. Ultimately, this invites a realisation of the wholeness, non duality, oneness.

However, these Meditation Talks also inform and inspire your oh-so-human awakening journey.  They address your specific human concerns, life stories and more, and gently support you in fully resolving them.

The videos and audio can also show you how to get most from your Aliveness Moving Stillness Listening Meditation practice.

These videos and audio files, along with the meditation itself, reveal ever-deeper layers of a profound approach for increased freedom, ease, happiness and creativity, and invite a profound letting go of perceived and conditioned limitations.

There are three volumes, which each contain five sets of both video and audio tracks. The tracks are between 5 and 14 minutes in length (averaging 10 minutes). The downloads give you the option of watching or listening each time you access them.

You can purchase one volume of your choice each time you visit this page, or get a bundle of all three (recommended option, at a very special price, with access to a free event).

Volume 1

Exquisite Silence


Why Do You Meditate?

Life is joy

The freshness

Being Naked

Terror of dissolving

Volume 2

Being Fully Human     


The cross of manifest life

Meeting What is

Breath, Gristle, Bone

Unconditional Embrace

Transmutation is Loss

Volume 3

What is Love?


Surrender to the deepest

Love & trust anyway

Beyond separation

The great work

Turn lead into gold

These talks will deepen your practice hugely and clarify much about your waking up. Together with the meditation, they are an essential aspect of Essence awakening work.

You have lifetime access! These talks were recorded during various live online events. In a few cases, the videos are occasionally a little ‘grainy’.  The audio is, in every case, totally clear. These materials are easy to download to your phone and/or computer as mp3 and/or mp4 files.

Rocket-boost your self-healing and meditation practice. You will receive great benefits from them for the REST OF YOUR LIFE!

Energise life-affirming changes at an unconscious, fully embodied level.

Life-transforming. Live awake. Live Light, embodied.

I cannot recommend these Meditation Talks enough. They are the perfect complement to the Aliveness Moving – Stillness Listening meditation. And not just a complement – a full-powered booster.

If you are new to the AM–SL meditation, these talks will ground and focus your new practice like nothing else. If – like me – you have been practising AM–SL for a while, they will help you refocus and deepen. I am loving them.

Covering both fundamentals and nuances, they come in both audio and video form. Listen to one of the short talks immediately before your practice, and you’ll know what I’m talking about. Stephen Hancock



The Aliveness Moving, Stillness Listening download is also available in the Store, if you do not have it already. If you purchase the bundle of three recordings and don’t have that meditation, we will send you a discount code for that.

Purchase all three volumes now, before the deadline, and you can also join the LIVE BONUS event (this winter) where you can ask Joy anything and listen to her live. You need to have purchased the Aliveness Moving, Stillness Listening Meditation previously to attend this gathering. Couples who are living together – purchase once for use by both of you. Note – you can also select (tick) the friend discount box if you introduce someone new to Secret Garden and you are both purchasing all 3 in the series. Just add their name below. Your friend must book separately and add your name too.

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You will need an internet connection and computer so that you can download and watch and/or listen to the recordings. The downloads are own use only. They are yours to use for the REST OF YOUR LIFE.

Additional information

Meditation Talks Options

Volume 1 – Exquisite silence £15, Volume 2 – Being fully human £15, Volume 3 – What is love? £15, Volumes 1 & 2 & 3 bundle £29


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