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Love, being, heals all, dissolves all, every moment! If there is totality of commitment, the transformation which occurs through the explorations you are guided in on these events allow a subtle & refined experiencing of life’s essence. The wonder & beauty is simply ever apparent.

What if your relating life, whatever form it takes, happy, sad, tender, – & all your struggles with & frustrations about love – were your deepest invitation – to drop everything you think you are, become utterly available to life – that love that is unconditional, that love that is always here?

Joyful Loving awakens a deep love of being ‘you’. These explorations are for you, man or woman, if you wish to, or love to, relate deeply, richly, authentically. Perhaps this is the most urgent & profound evolutionary call humanity lives at this time. If you long to heighten your consciousness about how you create pain or joy in relating & know it’s time to dismantle all your old limits to intimacy with others, & with life itself, join us.

Singles & couples & those in relationship who wish to attend alone are so welcome to these explorations.

Joyful Loving Videos

Secret Garden awakenings grow your heart to embrace everything

Sexual healing Eros, Kinks in the flow of aloha How Love calls us to die, invites you to unravel all you have thought yourself to be ….& to play in existence anyway Secret Garden is Nature – don’t try to solve yourself, working on yourself doesn’t work!

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