Awake in Being, the deepest gift of falling in love

Maytime….delicious abundance and vitality abound and Karen asked me in a blog comment to write about falling in love and relationship……

The word ‘relationship’ implies the negotiation between two or more separate identities, two or more different perspectives. Your being in its purity, is not, cannot be, in relationship with another – infinity, being, knows no separation, there is no separate other. When this freedom is, life is always enough. There is, in the appearance, a falling in love endlessly with what is. It is two conditioned identities that ‘have a relationship’. Their emotional responses, and their physiological and psychological maps of the world will have, of course, some similarities and some differences. If your lifestyle or opinions or values or approaches are strongly identified with the person you think yourself to be, relating with the ‘significant other’ eventually brings conflict and suffering because there is a sense of separation through difference. The conditioned personality of a separate self inevitably argues with any reality not exactly in alignment with its own. The defending of its position against change or threat is perceived as a matter of survival. Often this destroys relationships and marriages.

(Please note that relationships which are abusive or violent emotionally or physically are not included or referred to in this blog post–seek help, from one of the many sources there are, immediately, if you are in this situation)

What we refer to as ‘falling in love’ in this culture usually involves becoming fixated on another person as the source of beauty, wholeness and ….To read more, please Log in or subscribe here (Sign up | Log in | or via the Sign up button at the top right of this or any page of the website. It takes less than 20 seconds

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