Laughter is egg-cell-ent

The gorgeous belly laughter and gentler humour that happens in circles is such a delight. Laughter is great medicine for both body and spirit. It’s the lightness and gratitude for good company that means letting go and love are easy. When you play this video – which you might keep in an inbox folder because it can brighten any day – however dull or dark – and soothe any pain at least a little – hear the laughter of the whole circle.

Is this how you would like to spend that potent time between Christmas and New Year?

This is your rare window to attend the last Joyful Loving weekend for many a moon and at least a year or likely more. Early booking ends December 19 so that our gorgeous venue can prepare well ahead.

Go to to QUICK book one of the limited places

Find out What Other Participants Say about a Secret Garden New Year at and 

You can receive what others receive….

Event details at and if you need to know more go to

Would love to read your comments about the video &/or receive your questions at the page or via email…

All Love


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