Love or Attachment?

As you become free-er of limiting conditioning and ideology, as your I is a less fixed identity, so relationships inevitably change.
Sometimes those who participate in groups or sessions worry that the increased freedom and letting go, the dissolving of the stories, is also going to undermine the loving connection. But the opposite is true – because agenda, demand and attachment has been hiding the love that is there. The identity wants to control or manipulate the love-because love, and intimate connection, is very scary to ‘me’. It can also be painful in the process of awakening sometimes if you feel or see the way in which the other person or persons are not so much available and present…instead they are coming with their own agendas, rather than in love. This becomes more obvious. But when your own attachment about how they are dissolves, love can flower.

You begin to see the apparent other as if for the first time, without attachment or agenda, and with this comes true compassion for the apparent other person, a clear seeing free of attachment. Judgment cannot survive. They are seen as the love and beauty that they are. This is the beginning of loving joyfully.

Then you can be fully there for the ‘other’. You are me.



Hello dear Joy

Please can you say something about the state of ‘being in love’ (in the sense of ‘falling in love’ or being infatuated with someone) and how this differs from the love you speak of here, if indeed it does?

Thank you and much love to you xxxx


What a great question, thanks Karen! will respond asap! much love darling xxx

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