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A Women’s Retreat – Unconditioned Radiance

Become wholly healed, radiant woman. A time to find nurture, support, a safe place to ‘sort the seeds’, inspire each other to live empowered & fulfilled as women, & celebrate – recognised & appreciated by other women, in your beauty & power.

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Embrace the healing power and creative potency of death and darkness

Boundaries – made up, yet vital for a happy ‘story’ Part 2

How do you refine your capacity to clarify and communicate your boundaries? Without healthy and clearly expressed boundaries that we know we will maintain, life can be an overwhelm of resentment, unexpressed rage that is toxic to the body and those close to us. The natural, instinctive, healthy response to an invasion of a boundary is
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Living beyond blame

Do you act, speak, feel as though you are 100% responsible for your life? If so, then you respond authentically and with wholeness, totality in the moment rather than with robotic conditioning. Before taking full responsibility, many people play the role of the victim and blame their circumstances or other people for their circumstances and concerns. Such projections distort
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Big men are real enough to feel!

Recently I was working with a couple for the first time who, by virtue of their background in therapeutic work and facilitating tantra groups, could have been expected to deeply ‘know the territory’ when it came to relating and intimate communication. However assumptions are dangerous. Their marriage was in a very dire state. It was quickly clear
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The Alchemical Power of Honesty in Awakened Intimacy

One of the most important tools you have in the potentially lifelong exploration of loving joyfully, in which intimacy is an awakening, is honesty - radical, uncompromising, totally compassionate honesty. This may sound controversial - but it seems clear that in this modern culture it is less common to wish to love oneself, life and those we
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