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Boundaries – made up, yet vital for a happy ‘story’ Part 2

How do you refine your capacity to clarify and communicate your boundaries? Without healthy and clearly expressed boundaries that we know we will maintain, life can be an overwhelm of resentment, unexpressed rage that is toxic to the body and those close to us. The natural, instinctive, healthy response to an invasion of a boundary is
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Forgiveness, Ho’oponopono, loss & the human journey – and your awakening and freedom

'You', awake or unconscious, are Love and Freedom. You are not the thoughts or feelings. You are not the conditioned messages. You are Life itself. How do forgiveness and ho'oponopono help you realise this? During the apparent 'journey' of awakening to the Love and Freedom that always is, always was, in coming into more consciousness, getting
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