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Summer Day Retreat

How can you fully embrace feelings such as fear, thoughts that bother you and judgements that separate you, instead, and then easily let them go? Why is this important? And when are you likely to resist that? And what can you do about that?
What are the stages of awakening? What sabotages waking up?

The Power and Beauty of Vulnerability

'You' are the pure being that allows all experience to be, without condition. Vulnerability is a beautiful quality of being. Being is endless, infinite. Vulnerability allows a sharing and celebration of the depths of that ocean of being, the currents of which are generally hidden from view by the defence and role play of the separate self. A human being who…

Forgiveness, Ho’oponopono, loss & the human journey – and your awakening & freedom

'You', awake or unconscious, are Love & Freedom. You are not the thoughts or feelings. You are not the conditioned messages. You are Life itself. How do forgiveness and ho'oponopono help you realise this? Forgiving others, or yourself, for what you or they did, forgiving yourself for what you have lost, for what you don't or…

What would be the point of you having a daily meditation practice?

Recently, I was drawn to remind the participants of the current Being With All That Is ongoing group, that if they are moved to make the worldly story better-and there is nothing wrong with that!-how helpful a regular meditation and self-healing practice is, however simple. The beginning of the day is a good time and if…