Unbounded Aliveness

‘You’ are unbounded aliveness, ‘you’ are utter stillness, ‘you’ are everything, ‘you’ are No-thing, ‘you’ are all that is, ‘you’ are the essence, the source of all.

Secret Garden has nothing to offer the personality.

There are no ‘solutions’ to the whirligig of pleasure & pain & perceived problems of relationship, work, health, money, except the one answer to all of that – which invites you into the sublimity of simply being, beyond the personal. Into nature, the nature you are, way beyond the trance of fixed & small-personality identity.

At this time, there is so much support for the waking up from the deep sleep of conditioned self, for the ordinary man & woman, in ordinary ways. This is your time!

Secret Garden invites you to value & cultivate pure consciousness, the essence of being, the heart of all things in manifest appearance. This cannot be captured in words, & perhaps that is why is often is hidden from view, & the invitation may go unnoticed by some, even after years of reaping great benefits from Secret Garden’s groups & sessions. That doesn’t matter- Life simply invites joy and celebration. And energetic transmission happens away, melting defences & resistances & mis-seeings.

Still, this blindingly obvious but generally missed truth is a secret open to all & I’m always delighted by real questions! And that is why I love to work ongoing with people who value true depth & wish to go all the way to mastery & true freedom in all areas of their lives.

Discovering this secret, & realising it more & more deeply, creates exquisite sensitivity to the vibrational field & its shifts in your loved ones, friends, animals, plants, even stones when you engage with them. It deepens awareness to a wider & deeper level. Your investment in this education & transformation is the very best way to create a happy, rich life here on this blessed planet.

You are the aliveness, the mystery of freedom, right now. This isn’t about an intellectual knowing.

Freedom cannot be owned, or worked out or striven for or just read about.

Joy & the Secret Garden community & exploration is unique in ruthlessly reminding you that you are not in control & yet gently inviting you into ever more self-love, deep compassion for your own embodied humanity & that of others, the vulnerability & power of all sensate beings – & the energetic aliveness of it ALL, the rocks & stones & trees & its offering of several different doorways into beingness…& beyond being if that is graced.

Absolute unconditional love is all there is.

So, are you madly in love with your life? It’s time to make some adjustments if not! Whether you are or you are not, whether your life ‘works’ or not, you are welcome and you will be awed at the riches here for you and the largeness that is yours!

Part of the cosmic mystery, of course, is that there is always more. Opportunities for new experience & spiralling growth do exist in this appearance. Mysteriously grace drops them into our lives. Reading this post or booking a workshop or training is daring to follow that call.

Where will it all end? You can’t know. You can however trust the soul’s call into largeness upon largeness.

Enjoy the miracles of real connection where barriers dissolve, honesty that burns all ideas away, sweetness that salves all wounds. Secret Garden finds no difference between the sacred & profane, the transcendent & the everyday, the sublime & the mundane. It is beyond seeking, beyond the mind’s imagining that there must be so much more elsewhere. This most profound wisdom always returns us to the ordinary, the miracle of simply being.

The upcoming Being ongoing group http://being.secretgarden.co.uk invites you to make friends with parts of yourself you have confined hidden corners of your psyche. And to make friends with all in your opposite that you may have resisted, stayed distant from, avoided or blamed them for. While sometimes challenging, certainly transformative whatever your desired outcomes, this training will be laughter & life-filled, & insight provoking & will encourage you to show up for life, yourself & others in your life more & more!

Joy is putting finishing touches to this wholly new training she has gestated for several years & would love to hear from you

Early booking discounts MUST end at the deadline date (or before, if the circle is full) so that practical and energetic preparations can be made well ahead.

Discover the specific benefits you can receive in this extraordinary ongoing circle http://being.secretgarden.co.uk/#Benefit

Go to https://secretgarden.co.uk/backup/product/being/ to QUICK book one of the limited places

Find out What Other Participants Say about an ongoing group at https://secretgarden.co.uk/backup/what-you-say-being-ongoing-group/  and http://being.secretgarden.co.uk/#WhatUSay

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