Wilderness and Circles

This is a short video made a couple of years ago, where Joy talks about the connections between wilderness and the circleAnd the invitations from mud and treacherous well trodden paths!

Circles are always wild, cannot be predicted because they are Life itself, energy moving in order to reveal what needs to be seen or integrated in each human being present.

Circles invite you to drop roles and ideas about who you are and discover life in the not knowing. To not know is deeply healing and refreshing. Circles are always unique and are highly experiential – they are about YOU, your freedom to live the fullness of being, ecologically and sustainably, in your chosen life.

Women and men flourish and blossom when they dare to be the love that they are and give and receive that love naturally and with care of all that is.

Learning how you can create this sense of being fully you and fully loved, and how to be courageous enough to face into and drop conditioning and defences, and dismantle the old stories, is essential, a unique journey, and a true art of living, most easily and deeply done in conscious circles.

In these conscious spaces, installing new behaviours such as vulnerable expression of aliveness transmuted at the heart, at a neurological level in the body’s cells, is so much more likely to happen bec犀利士
ause the energetic intentions and shared support hold you in that process of transformation

Love, awakeness, humour, tenderness, vulnerability, honesty, connection – Is this what you would like more of?


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