The Joyful Loving work– How YOU Can Live Awakened Intimacy

A man who was considering whether to participate in the upcoming Joyful Loving ongoing group said to me recently, ‘Shouldn’t exploring love be a private matter-and what is the point anyway? Shouldn’t love come naturally? Isn’t there just something wrong with me that I don’t know how to give love always?’

He seemed to feel he should -despite all this Western culture has thrown at him since he was born, despite all the hard knocks he had received, and despite all his conditioned, learned responses, defences and survival mechanisms-be now and always have been wholly successful and fulfilled in his relating and sexual life.

It is so easy to underestimate just how much is asked of us (by life, by the promptings of soul) as human beings in this great alchemical work of becoming and being love and light, embodied.

You might well have experienced that choice points about love and relationship, or deep intimate opening with you and others or you and existence, the unveiling, the re-membering, seems to ask you to die to everything you knew or everything you perceived yourself to be. It can be difficult.

In becoming love, human beings must, it seems, meet aspects of beingness in life circumstance, others or themselves, that they perhaps would rather not meet. That is the deal of embodiment some of the time.

For example, in love, life’s spiral means that you must experience disappointments betrayals, yours or anothers, your awkwardness or uncertainty in expressing and receiving love, your stumbling to find words to express your most vulnerable truth so that transparency and lightness can be unveiled, so that love can be embodied and shared and communicated. There is the ‘weather’ of circumstance and its changes in your mix of experience too.

Support from friends and those who know the territory matters. I am forever humbled by the courage and commitment of those who choose this awakening work for themselves.

Keep choosing! You can still join us at the Joyful Loving ongoing exploration – there are just 3 places left!

If you are drawn to this, have a look at

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The last places You can book yours here

The Joyful Loving ongoing training  is endlessly relevant for those who choose life, awakeness, intimacy, being. The always new rich modules that we craft aim to educate you in all the arts of love and true aliveness -how to love your body, how to love those who have hurt you, those who brought you life, those who invite you into a more soulful aliveness yet nudge you out of comfort zones. You learn how to communicate in a way that supports connection rather than destroying it, and how to give and receive the energy and life force of love in a  grounded, real way.

If you are ready to be the love that you are and learn to master the fine art of loving and being loved, join us in beautiful Herefordshire and Gloucestershire – book your place

or email me or call-I’m always happy to talk about this!

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