A response to a question …Do I create my isolation?

a woman speaks of her isolation returning after a massive opening to glorious connection with life during the two weeks in and after a Secret Garden circle, and asking how she ‘does it’ -this isolation- to herself….

Joy responds …Perhaps you don’t do it! …. Perhaps it simply arises, this moving in and out of feeling connection, this moving in and out of isolation, until it doesnt arise, perhaps.

Light downloads in the circles, apparently changes bodily vibration, increases aliveness, the life apparently outside in ‘others,’ responds in a new way, and the experience of life is free-er, fluid, easy, the unbearable -or very bearable! – lightness of being,.

And then sometimes the influx of light can show the shadows more clearly. it’s as though the light reveals what isnt light, loosening it so it is more strongly felt for a time.

And so the work of growing soul and human heart, which receives all the pain tenderly, begins again, apparently in time.

And this invites your willingness to humbly be this life happening here now, this colour you have been taught to reject or make a problem of. Rather than fighting it or rejecting it.

So Dark becomes Light. E iho ana o luna. Lead becomes gold. Alchemy.

None of it is significant in the way the mind wants to make it so -it isnt a ‘personal’ achievement that can be 威而鋼
claimed. it is the opposite. it is the opening that becoems possible when the mind’s hold is relaxed or seen through. And yet it is undeniably a glorious revealtion of life’s wonder and mystery.

And any moment there can be simply freedom, for no one. Just beingness unfolding -for noone.

I love you


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