A response to ….Am I self-indulgent to want to go to a Secret Garden gathering again?

There are times in life when it is right, natural, appropriate and wonderful for you to focus almost primarily on spiritual ‘growth’, looking more deeply into life that western culture encourages and opening to the possibility of the no-thing and everything of being. Once you taste awakening, though it is clear in that awakeness that there is nothing ‘you’ can do to ‘get’ more of it, of course you love to be in spaces and with those who love awakeness too! (tether your worldly camel too of course in whatever way you need)

There are ‘windows’ over the course of a life (a life which belongs to no one) when everything calls out for this work and for a sense of comradeship and community along what is an arduous and sometimes painful ‘journey’ (to nowhere) and when it is time to be dedicated and focused, held by others’ friendship and given reflection as you experience, break through, share, heal and celebrate the unique things we need to at a soul level.

There is no need to apologise for or keep in check this pull to beingness! If you need a reason beyond being, then think of the problems created on your planet because most human beings don’t value beingness but instead place their focus on what they can ‘get’ from ‘’out there’. Our mainstream culture does not support love, truth and presence. It is actively encouraging you to lose the truth of being, to reach out ‘there’ to ‘get something’. This sabotages relationships, family happiness, our wildernesses…….

Give yourself what you value. Know your tribe. Surrender to what is good, innocent, intelligent.

You might even go so far as to say (I would) that the whole way throughout life there is nothing of more value, beauty and joy and nothing more likely to be for you an excellent investment of time, money and energy, that always delivers huge returns, than this work. That is because inner reflects outer and in your wholeness you are so vast and such a creative force! So transformation is very practical!

If your practical circumstances and life priorities allow, go for it and allow yourself as often as you can the spaces that support you to create opening, vulnerable honesty, the inner realm, deep and true connection with others, total uncompromised aliveness, full self-responsibility and most of all the realization of that which cannot be measured.

aloha, Joy xxx

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