Do you move with or against Life’s Intelligence?

What if any unhappiness comes from unknowingly working against life’s true purpose and indeed its ‘intention’? Part of waking up (the painful part) is more awareness of, clarity about, where and how you do this. However, once you begin to learn about life’s inherent exquisite order and your own patternings and start to work in alignment with your unconscious in a systematic way, with the Essence approaches, life can become natural, free, effortless, rich. Then, it’s more likely you can relax and let life move you, gently, naturally! Glimpses of what is beyond you, of Life unfiltered, can arise

Be curious

If too many small stuff things are ‘swept under the carpet’, they build up into lethargy and resentment and addictive behaviours.  The mind thrives on doing things a certain way and maintaining the status quo, however limiting. What if you became curious about how you can live those small challenges differently by practising Essence? Now you can explore this new way of opening to and letting go of ‘small’ holdbacks in the moment. There is exponential gain in this in every area of your life. As you become more confident that you can live at ease with all that you are, you get more self-honest. Momentum increases, things change for the good more quickly. The only requirement is that you practice regularly.

Fall in love with what is or What Is

The beneficial effects of awakening work are cumulative. This is an experiential journey. And that means that only you can do it. But with quality guidance you can slice many ears of confusion and stuckness out of your future experience. Waking up is a spiralling exploration of increasing awareness and freedom and love, not linear. Your clarity and motivation will increase, if you apply yourself and take this journey on with commitment, patience and humility. Essence is a way to actively realise – while still in the body, with all  its joys and limits – that you are all that is. This cannot happen unless you have realised HOW to first be utterly and ruthlessly honest.AND then wholly willing to face whatever may not be your preference in your inner and outer life, and surely able to not only welcome but completely FALL IN LOVE WITH what is.

While there is busyness on the surface of life, for the separate self, what is may be a memory, a thought, a feeling, a story, a judgement. The mind will judge it or push it away or find distraction or justification to keep it. Practice is the way to train your being, instead, to love what is. It is counter intuitive – this is how freedom arises.

When life is empty full ocean-ness, What Is is a blinding imiracle. Through Essence explorations, you will be invited to bring into consciousness your life goals, and material, memories, beliefs, roles, that are in the way of them, wake up to what’s here now, and realise, embodied rather than at a head level, the ultimate reality that underlies all that is experienced. and ordinary life blossoms.

When I give a short talk about Essence, in the very short space of 90 minutes, a room full of people drop as one into simply being. The Love is palpable. This is how profound this Essence exploration is. Imagine your whole weekend getting free-er….

The happiest and most fulfilled, the wisest people on the planet, understand life and respect its rhythms, rather than following their own wants and agendas.

Would you like to live like that?..Just like they did, at this point, you need a little help to save you a great deal of time and trouble.

Freedom, life, is agenda – free. The personality, in contrast, has myriad agendas.

What freedoms might be possible for you in your life?

Curious what your true power and potential can create?

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Be open to the experience and Let go of wanting to work it out

Open your being to the Essence experience rather than looking for intellectual theories about it. Then you will learn and open naturally. It is vital to check out the validity of something for yourself – experientially, energetically, bodily – as an inner reality or at least possibility, not as a mind concept given by another.

There are many distractions thrown our way every moment in this culture if we choose to be distracted. None of them will bring you the joy and sweetness of Life itself. The fact that you are drawn to Essence shows that for you, being alive in the normal Western way is not enough. It does take discipline however to stay true to your deepest values because the personality prefers distraction.

Self-responsibility and Love

You want the best life has to offer, abundant energy, good health, financial ease, relating happiness, and a sense of peaceful well- being. In order to live any or all of life’s blessings, you will be asked by Life to face and above all, LOVE, all that in the way of them. That is tough. The mind starts to resist, struggle, blame, judge and create separation. Essence challenges you to live a life of full self-responsibility. It offers you the challenging invitation to discover that everything in your life is your co-creation. And that what is, is love-able, is indeed Love.

A Note about the Mind and Resistance

In a healing and transformational environment, the personality’s resistance to changing the status quo, what the mind thinks it knows,  is ideally respected and acknowledged. And seen for what it is – the mind’s desire to preserve what is known and seems, therefore, ‘safe.’ And that includes past pain, the judgements of parents or past friends, the effects of past trauma.

Ironic isn’t it, that the mind prefers the ‘safety’ of old yet painful assumptions and patterns?

With Essence exploration, you learn how to bring endless love to old pain. This allows the mind to relax and have less hold and impact.

Resistance (to committing to deep daily practice and to showing up and being transparent -REAL) is a very powerful force in transformational enquiry and exploration and it is important to recognise, understand and respect it,  without believing in or choosing from it. Every ego or personality wishes to keep the status quo just as it is. Resistance is a sabotaging spoiler if it is believed in. And once it is acknowledged, its energy can simply be relaxed with and it will dissolve, like the phantom it is. Resistance protects you against love. Do you really need that?

Record all your shifts and benefits

Take the time to write these down. It is so important to recognize and validate your process. Recognize what you have accomplished. This practice creates ongoing encouragement and also keeps you present – the bullying mind tries to pull you into the unaccomplished future! The mind is trained to see problems (it thinks this will help to solve them).  Acknowledging gains, tiny & huge, is one of your two best antidotes to resistance. (We will be looking at resistance during the Essence Online – Your Joy & Freedom in Being course as it is a very big, often hidden, challenge in transformational work).

The Hidden Gift

Life is a very precious gift whose essence is generally missed. Life can only be appreciated in full presence. Your cultural, parental and educational conditioning and ‘map’ of ‘how things are’ is easy to be unaware of because it is so, so familiar to you it feels like the one reality. Yet this personal outlook limits the joy and creativity and freedom to surf life’s waves skilfully that can be naturally available to

How do you make your life even better by living ordinary life with more depth and consciousness?

For example, is there something, anything, in your life that is frightening you at times? Fear is a natural response, very useful if we are in danger. For most human beings, however, fear brings obvious paralysis or subtle holdback- self doubt, procrastination and indecision. If you are ever in fear, it is because of the possibility of losing something known, it’s not about the unknown, ever. With the Essence approach, you can do something different about your fearful feelings. And if fear isn’t a thing for you, what about anger, disappointment? fear of judgement, or judging others, self and life, isolation, grief….. You can move forward into the joy of simply being! Sounds good?

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General Benefits of Essence Awakening work

There are many -unlimited- benefits from learning and using Essence in your life. Many are unique to the individual. Below are some general pointers to what is possible for you. And remember the main benefit – whatever challenges you and is got free from has an exponential benefit for every single unrelated area of you life. Freedom’s healing effects are osmotic.

  • Be the King or Queen in your own life
  • Get very clear about your own unique patterns and behaviours  – the first essential in being free of those you choose to be free of.
  • Work with and get beyond attachments and aversions to particular people and things.
  • Take responsibility for your own life.
  • Release old roles you no longer need such as victim, betrayer, not good enough, bad one, good one and much more.
  • Develop the capacity to reduce then stop reactive behaviour and replace it with proactive choice.
  • Allow in the possibility of miraculous solutions to everyday-or bigger-problems.
  • Co-operate with the natural movements towards self-actualisation and individuation.
  • Know the territory of awakening
  • Energise meaningful vision and the goals that allow you to live your unique purpose.
  • Harness the creative power of your unconscious.
  • Identify and disarm your psychological and cirrcumstantial saboteurs.
  • Have the inner practices and principles you need to create the power, intimacy and positive transformative relating consciously.
  • Actualize freedom.
  • Manifest a life of meaning, purpose, love, desire, adventure, wonder and beauty.

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