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What’s Strictly got to do with Waking Up?!

Why watch Strictly when I love silence & stillness at the end of a day? It may surprise you - Strictly has much in common with Secret Garden's awakening work (and Secret Garden of course invites and gives you many vitalising things that Strictly does not!) It’s very interesting what others can assume about freedom
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Do you move with or against Life’s Intelligence?

What if any unhappiness comes from unknowingly working against life's true purpose and indeed its 'intention'? Part of waking up (the painful part) is more awareness of, clarity about, where and how you do this. However, once you begin to learn about life's inherent exquisite order and your own patternings and start to work in alignment with
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Fear of Freedom From Your Problems And Limits

Freedom, life, is agenda - free. The personality, in contrast, has myriad agendas. In a healing and transformational environment, the personality's fear of freedom, of knowing nothing, is ideally respected and acknowledged. And seen for what it is - the mind's desire to preserve what is known and seems therefore 'safe.' In this short clip
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