Your gateway into simply being?

I was deeply moved by someone who shared -in a closed ongoing group forum in the Secret Garden community – ‘I am less scared by the mystery of not knowing, so much is changing, like my cells are changing polarity. I’m giving up the fight…yet..I have had a lifetime of distractions in the form of pain, suffering, joking, noise, dance, food, sex….the quiet seems to be making the noise that shapes my life louder than ever. It was easier when the noise came from the outside… I am finding this consciousness journey particularly hard at the moment and it is good to feel you out there”

It is beautiful to witness this kind of intimate sharing of the riches of this unfolding and the challenges too. It takes self-honesty and courage to show up with them.

Are you confused about what meditation is? or find that you, despite best intentions, are not making space for silence? Many are. Comments that might happen in gatherings about resistance to spiritual life are -‘Meditation is difficult – I can’t find the time -It seems like another ‘to do’ – It doesn’t give me anything – I read so many techniques, what’s the right one?’, ‘I just want to follow the flow’

Meditation is, simply, a BEING WITH WHAT IS, and more simply, just being. It is totality. And – as the ultimate truth of what is, is One, beyond apparent form, the One from which all duality in the appearance comes (yet which is all one anyway) – in deep meditation the physical and emotional and thought life are still and silent and then there is simply This, Oneness. No separation. No distinction between inner and outer. Complete, perfect, at rest, alive intelligence. and the secret, available to all, is that ultimately all life is this, whatever ‘you’ are doing, cooking, eating, making love, whatever is unfolding on the world stage, it is all revealed ultimately as Love

Meditation is simple, natural. There is no need for a rigid technique, yet for the separate self, transmission and guidance about pitfalls appear to be necessary. Living life as meditation can open the door -perhaps permanently, though that is not guaranteed or even causally related- to a being with, resting in and as Source, essence.

At the very least, it recharges your batteries and brings practical benefits to ‘your’ life. It brings renewed creativity, as if from nowhere (of course – it comes from no-thing!). It brings resilience. It increases clarity about triggers and a capacity to stand back and not follow them and shoot. Worldly benefits seem to arise without effort. Miracles become commonplace.

Meditation is also very beautiful – when it stops being dull or even harrowing -these phases are what put many off keeping a regular practice. Of course when you stop doing and pay attention to your inner life, some of what you encounter may be exactly what you would like to run from – fast! such as memories, feelings that aren’t so comfortable,old stories you dont want to know about anymore. And so resistance builds -and that resistance is simply another beautiful aspect of WHAT IS. You can choose to embrace all this life like a beloved friend rather than fight it or give up being quiet.

Sadness, anger, hurt, fear are the open door to freedom if you simply meet them full on and simply relax as best you can, whatever the colour. The old stories, memories, held body responses, patterns of reaction, isolation, habits you judge, yearn for sweet embrace.

The Essence Awakening Online webinar course is a deep dive into supporting your journey ‘inwards’, a journey that is actively discouraged in and by almost every aspect of Western culture.

Tenderness with what is, infinite tenderness, dissolves all until you rest as your true nature. As you sit without worldly distraction, bless what arises, over and over. It is its own healing. It is simple, natural, innocent. You cannot help but fall in love with what is. When you dare to do this deeper and deeper you will see that all is One. And if you don’t it simply is anyway. Always. All love.

Joy is sharing about and responding to questions about your true nature at several gatherings and retreats this year where Silence is honoured and celebrated and where you can retreat amidst great company from the worldly for a while. All Secret Garden events invite you deeper than ordinary life might allow. Please click on the Upcoming Events link for further details about Silent Day Retreats, The Most Intimate, the Essence explorations, the Lomi Retreat, Joyful Loving Ongoing group, Being Ongoing group, and much more.

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