Fear of Freedom From Your Problems And Limits

Freedom, life, is agenda – free. The personality, in contrast, has myriad agendas. In a healing and transformational environment, the personality’s fear of freedom, of knowing nothing, is ideally respected and acknowledged. And seen for what it is – the mind’s desire to preserve what is known and seems therefore ‘safe.’

In this short clip from a very short free live webinar, Oriana talks about how this arose as she dived underneath her personality perception of a circumstance in a short (less than 1 minute) Essence practice. And the shift is obvious, measurable, test-able.

Acknowledgement and permission for fear of freedom, is, counter-intuitively, likely to enable you to dissolve, be free of this fear. If less than a minute can take Oriana this far, while simultaneously helping her improve her unique practical circumstances, what freedoms might be possible for you in your life?

If you are drawn by the excitement of the Essence inner adventure, there are some opportunities for exploring in more depth.

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