We all have many things it is so easy to be grateful for – food on the table, shelter, a society more safe and stable than many. A beautiful practice is to recall on waking each morning some of the thing you are already grateful for. This will make real shifts in your vibration very fast.
Going deeper in life and in transformative work requires that we find gratitude for all of it. Gratitude comes from full acceptance of all life as it is and has been and is now. This brings insights and potent learnings and releases that bring not just a shift in state but increased, permanent freedom from delusion and attachment.
Perhaps the opposite of gratitude is resentment and its big buddies, judgement and blame.
When learnings and let go’s are not taken from the life that has arisen, there is simply the unresolved pain that comes from mis-seeing life, and it veils the joy. 
You cannot receive the learnings from past challenge, and receive their golden gifts of full let go and increased wisdom and freedom, until a dropping underneath reactivity has happened. 
This is so relevant for anyone or any couple feeling stuck in resentment or ‘if only’ about something.
Digging deep to find gratitude for even those things you would rather ignore or deny or demonise is an act of love that dissolves darkness.
Gratitude is so much more powerful than hate or denial. Gratitude reveals the shimmering light of nature.
Gratitude is born in the heart’s silence. You discover that what you were fighting for was always there. 
You may sometimes need to dig very deep, with a  trustworthy guide, and clear mirror, and the holding of community, until you find the gold.
As you do this sometimes demanding work of enquiry and energetic re-assembly, the gratitudes for all the simple blessings you already have will sustain you.
I love to see and feel you waking up from the trance of your conditioning, and the fear that comes from separation from WHAT IS, beyond ‘you’.
No – one is separate from this Love. Ever.
Be grateful for your opportunities to realise This.
Be grateful that freedom is not far away or complicated. Your past, and your ideologies, are not needed.
Your transparent truthful expression, your own deep heart yearning and your refusal to settle for less than what is true will take you into the wonder of aliveness and its ever-present possibilities.
There is no pursuit worth more than the dismantling which brings revelation of unconditional wholeness.
Everything else is impermanent and unreliable.
Don’t go back to the sleep where you are veiled in ignor-ance of the always present wonder, because life didn’t go your way – dig deep for the GOLD and the gratitude you might have thought impossible. 
Only when there is gratitude for all can seeds be sown that will ripen into a blooming of your full potential.
Fall in love with Life, with Being, itself.
My deep connection with you is through the silence of this heart in ‘your’ body which can hear and which sings what is true – the stillness and silence of being.
Thank you all for all you are.
In endless gratitude for this life, Joy xx
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