Loss and Wonder

In beingness, there is no problem. There is no suffering, no conflict, no lack. Only what is arising, full on!

In the appearance, when a separate ‘you’ begins to relate to others and the mind has attached to ideology about how things should be or how people should behave, or has held on to memories, and to unwanted or  wanted projected future possibilities, then problems and drama can arise. Fear of loss, jealousy, pride, greed, wanting and demand, manipulation so that needs which cant be fully received,  (or in some cases even acknowledged), are met.

If you are in separation and therefore in relationship with the world, with existence, with family, with significant other, with the body, ‘you’ will appear to meet challenge and apparent duality, that asks to be resolved. Energy flows more freely after facing this fully and self-healing, in the dream ‘you’ are dreaming.

In the appearance, the dream of life, which ceaselessly changes, form can appear as any ‘problem’ or success, betrayal or the generosity of love.

In oneness where there is no relationship, all, every appearance, is empty fullness. And all is well. All is very, very well.

Only the sweet, conditioned mind deludes ‘you’ into assuming a control of the play of life as it unfolds. If ‘you’ have experienced even just a glimpse of the emptiness of all appearance and the fullness of that emptiness, then the same empty fullness, the Essence of life, can be revealed even and always in the unfolding dream of the ever-changing circumstances and stories of your personality and life circumsatnces. All is one, including the appearance of duality!

‘You’ have the capacity to see life this clearly. It cannot be learned. It can only be realised. This clarity allows a dismantling of anything that was once believed to be a compelling problem, pattern or holdback in your life.

Usually this happens rather gradually, (if not it can be shocking and even destabilising) and with integrative inner work, so that the rational mind and the emotional body is brought onside by a growing passion for being.

In integrative awakening work (when the self has come back and there is still a life to be lived) there can be many questions. And, it is easy for the personality to be blind to its habits- because they are habits – for example, today I explored with a couple how pride can appear to be awakeness, how judgement can be mistaken for clarity. This doesn’t mean that freedom brings increased ‘nice-ness’, but that is a subject for another blog post.

The awakening journey is always a journey of dismantling and integration of the new seeing and things can fall away-friendships, particular work, relationships, as life – what is -is seen for eactly what it is in any given moment.

Nature, real, wild, sweet, innocent nature, and its freedom and unconditionality, is very frightening for the sophisticated, conditioned Western mind. So guidance context and authentic community are helpful, they can save years of dilemma and suffering.

Yet freedom is the most natural, intimate, simple, ordinary and stunningly wondrous revelation. A full surrender to the inevitable ever-changing nature of existence is invited-the utter fluidity of being allows a relaxation and ease in any circumstance.

Existence, form, is inevitably both loss and wonder appearing. Each passing moment fof the dream appearance contains both death and life, an in breath and an out breath. This is simply the nature of life. it is what happens.

There is nothing for ‘you’ to fight against in this. No-thing can ever be lost. It only tenderly invites a return to Essence. And perhaps no-thing ever happened.


Hari Ma

Thank you Joy, for your deep and vividly alive capacity to put the undescribable into words. So moving and liberating, opening a door to the most calming, oceanic dissolution of attachment to remaining relationship perception. Whilst reading, I uncovered some areas of my life where this structure was still holding on, which was causing a block in really embodying emersion into oneness, with those experiences. I could see clearly the majority of life in oneness, and these other areas in separation, and allow them to come home, to the simplicity of being, where problems are no longer problems 🙂 Hooray! 🙂 Much love to you xxxx


Touched by this appreciation and hearing of this uncovering……..love, love, love xx

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