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The Ultimate Initiation

Joyful Loving is the preparation for the possibility of union, the Inner Marriage - the endless dance of masculine and feminine is All - one, Life endlessly makes love without condition or agenda, for no reason.

How do Men and Women end the battle that can happen in relating and Celebrate the Wedding?

How do Men and Women end the battle that can happen in relating and Celebrate the Wedding? In the appearing story of being human, a healing of wounded masculine and wounded feminine can happen. In the marriage, which is the end of duality and inner and outer battling, Life endlessly makes love without condition or agenda,
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Interview with Joy Hicklin-Bailey

Colin:- We first interviewed Joy Hicklin-Bailey way back in 2008, six years ago, just at the beginning of the Magic of Being, where we focused on her coaching work and her own spiritual journey. This time our conversation focuses on what is going on now for Joy, and what plans she has for the future.
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Love may see

Inspired by an exchange in a current training egroup When there is a rise to fight, in this dream, there is a danger of becoming entangled in the apparent other's story. When another’s heart truth is truly let in, fully received, when there is an absolute resting in the truth that this is simply the
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Forgiveness, Ho’oponopono, loss & the human journey – and your awakening and freedom

'You', awake or unconscious, are Love and Freedom. You are not the thoughts or feelings. You are not the conditioned messages. You are Life itself. How do forgiveness and ho'oponopono help you realise this? During the apparent 'journey' of awakening to the Love and Freedom that always is, always was, in coming into more consciousness, getting
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A testimonial from Rachel Irvine-Fortescue – Thank you Secret Garden

Thank You Secret Garden For years I have been working on and off with different teachers and therapists and healers, attending a variety of different workshops, but it is only recently that I have found something that makes total sense, and also really ‘works’. For me, Secret Garden workshops, retreats, trainings and one to one
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Big men are real enough to feel!

Recently I was working with a couple for the first time who, by virtue of their background in therapeutic work and facilitating tantra groups, could have been expected to deeply ‘know the territory’ when it came to relating and intimate communication. However assumptions are dangerous. Their marriage was in a very dire state. It was quickly clear
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What is a Secret Garden circle?

Secret Garden circle work and shamanic work are a profound call to stillness, silence, deep work and self-inquiry for those who are looking for deeper fulfilment in their lives and an awakening of or deeper realisation of the truth of who they are. This is spiritual work  that is authentic, sane, potent, grounded, and full of passion
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Who are you?

You are simply, wondrously, vast, boundless, empty fullness, unconditional love unfolding. What is, is perfection. Including suffering & challenge & delight. When oneness is seen, the ordinary is a miracle. The most mundane thing we can ever do is truly extraordinary. Love is what ‘you’ are. You are light. You are life. You are intelligence. This radiant
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what is aloha?

Aloha is inner silence, empty of belief, story, judgement. Sunshine sings it,  rain falls through it, winds breathe it, trees are moved by it,  the earth rolls with it, children grow with it, the ocean churns it, bodies may love it into beingness. Aloha is Spirit beyond form, the soul of creation. Aloha is silence,
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