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Return to Source

Embrace the healing power and creative potency of death and darkness

Death, Loss and Endings

The bottom line This life and the apparent creation everywhere cannot be possessed. ‘You’ are not separate from anything that appears in manifestation. Energy expresses as every single possibility and it is constantly changing. Energy is a shapeshifter, a dancer. So everything you love, everything you want to keep, everyone you want to hold to…

Transparency & Introverts The importance of transparency

how transparency, telling the truth of who we are is healing & freeing for all but requires a stepping up for introverts who usually withdraw into silence to regenerate. To find out how Secret Garden could benefit you please visit

Death and rebirth

It was satisying that Return to Source, a workshop I normally offer in November, could happen at Easter this year. Death fully faced always brings the resurrection. This is a journey I would love everyone to experience, including all our world leaders! Death is ignored or run from by many in our culture. 'You' are encouraged to cover over the…