Death and rebirth

It was satisying that Return to Source, a workshop I normally offer in November, could happen at Easter this year. Death fully faced always brings the resurrection. This is a journey I would love everyone to experience, including all our world leaders!

Death is ignored or run from by many in our culture. ‘You’ are encouraged to cover over the truths of decay, loss and death, and to distract yourself with ephemera.

Each moment and every breath brings this fundamental truth of life. Receive, let go, take in, give out, live and die, destroy and find what is new. and most profoundly- ‘you’ never do it! ‘you’ are done to!

Intimacy is, as the true lover knows, death too. You are mostly invited in this western culture to shun intimacy for the far less rich sharing on facebook or most email, where the personality is reinforced so often, rather than loved and released. You are encouraged by the apparent world out there to value information rather than wisdom, facts rather than a clear seeing of what is.

Intimacy can only happen when the small self gives up and dies, even if fleetingly, as one glimpse. So there is much for the lover in Return to Source. There is much for the one who wishes to love and trust death, in his or her everyday beingness too! Just as every breath is a death and a birth so every moment, EVERY feeling (including terror or devastation) is an invitation to wake up out of the personality’s defined limits and sense of ownership, into beingness. which simply IS, all along.

Death can happen to the small self before physical death. The energetic expansion is the same as that at physical death. This can’t be chased or ‘made to happen’. this boundless freedom always is, but the small self cannot come near, will not. Yet the personality longs for its own absence too.

It is beautiful to me that in  workshop about loss, death and the shadowlands we all shared so much laughter, joy and sweetness. A very big thank you to all those courageous, awake and alive souls who sat together this Easter time. All love, aloha, to you.

You can book your place (very limited places) at

This workshop is offered very occasionally. It iss highly recommended if you are committed to transformational work for your own being and also for those who work with others. If the link above is invalid, it means this opportunity has gone. Just contact us and if you would like to be informed of the next opportunity.



With all my heart and soul I thank you, dear Joy, for the most glorious, wonderful, transformative workshop at Easter. To anyone who hasn’t attended Return to Source, I can’t recommend it highly enough and its not easy to explain why, except to say its truly liberating to consciously and deeply consider and face ones own death. For me the experience was truly enlivening in ways beyond my imagination.

As to the joy, sweetness and laughter that Joy speaks of, those are a given at Secret Garden workshops and ongoing circles. There is such love and friendship shared here. If you are drawn to this work, dip a toe in, or plunge straight in, as I did. You won’t look back! With Aloha, Karen


It has always been a sweet pleasure to be in the circle with you dear Karen.

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