Tenderness, courage and trust

To an e circle – I know some of you have faced strong challenges since we were together. Living your life aligned with love and truth – this first duality in being and human consciousness – is only possible if you live your natural courage and trust and tenderness. Your mind does not wish this, limited as it is by your cultural conditioning and inhibition and old woundings. There is a kind of practice for most, moment by moment, day after day in your life, until love and truth are your way of living life in all it brings.

It takes trust and courage and tenderness to look after what you found in our beautiful days together.

When you feel that life is pulling you down into old perspectives, old wounding and belief systems, let it be an exploration. Notice any tendency towards isolating, hopelessness, cynicism, endless pain, wonder about it, be curious and tender, and keep breathing into your s-x and belly and heart, perhaps place your hands on any area of the body the pain is activating, until you are living soul once more and let that take you into what is vast and infinite, natural.

Dig deep into your resources of trust and courage as you dive into, breathe with, what you used to fight, into the resistance and know you will touch the lightness of being again.

Looking forward to seeing you soon! all love, Joy

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