What do we do when we feel rejected or a failure?

Joy speaks to a distressed man at the end of a Joyful Loving gathering. He has courageously voiced his pain about rejection by women (encouraged by the men’s circle) but he doesn’t believe his receiving of love in the training will translate to his life outside of it. He feels he can’t relate the same way in his ordinary life.
Joy’s response ‘One of the things you re-learn here is a Love of being. Love who you are, which is a gorgeous, sensual, kind man.  You can take action towards what you wish.  Or give up in despair.  Both are simply energy expressing. You can manage a bit of rejection, if you take action, I am sure.  The difference between people who are successful – whoever they are, car body workers, tennis players or lovers – is whether they are willing to fail or not.  And, if you are willing to fail you can get up and try again, and then eventually practice makes perfect.  But for most people there’s this mass hypnosis – I’ve failed, I shouldn’t do it.  The truth is, apparent failure happens and so can getting up and learning to do it better happen.  And the difference between those two  – let’s say it’s choiceless which is apparently happening, but  you have got yourself to a training – that’s a HUGE commitment that you have made to your life and to consciousness.  And I have seen you in this training, just like everyone else…  Mistakes apparently happen, the intelligence of life seems to create them and riches come from them. Mistakes are innocent. Manipulation isn’t. You made a mistake from which much learning happened for more than just you. And you’ve allowed yourself to breathe and feel and receive support from others and then related ina  way that feels edgy for you again, beautifully.  You can create that for yourself out there, in your ordinary, everyday life. Feel deeply. Live your courage. Live your heart. Live yur sensuality. Give the man you are.  Just like you have done in this circle’.

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