Who are you?

You are simply, wondrously, vast, boundless, empty fullness, unconditional love unfolding. What is, is perfection. Including suffering & challenge & delight. When oneness is seen, the ordinary is a miracle. The most mundane thing we can ever do is truly extraordinary. Love is what ‘you’ are. You are light. You are life. You are intelligence. This radiant & absolute joy is immediate & quietly underpins & embraces all pain & separate self.

On top of this joy is ‘you’ in existence, the world, all your circumstances, challenges, mistakes, self-doubts & achievements. The world cannot give us freedom. Your roles are not what you are, your self-judgement is not what you are. This is a human journey as well as non-duality unfolding & all the choices are yours. Life accepts them unconditionally. Somehow this realisation of the mystery that is gives the courage and trust to live ‘your’ natural reality – to find your voice, do the things that you long to do, be bold even when feeling fear. Living essence, living what is infinite, is the jewel of life and being.

For you if wish it, here in Secret Garden is the art of living happily, whatever one’s apparent personal circumstances. This work is natural & profoundly humane. As a by product, rather than the goal, the rewards are greater freedom, ease, effectiveness, joy & happiness in relationship, work, life. However the ‘message’ is that there is nowhere to go, nothing to get, nothing to become. if there were anything you could do, the best recommendation would be to relax…..and to love what is, love yourself like your own best lover. Love what you feel right now. Let what is, be. Rest in the silence – beyond stories & time – & awaken to endless joy without reason. Give up the fight with yourself, with your responses, with your nature. Working on yourself doesn’t work!

Every experience, every feeling, every circumstance, is an invitation to let go, & be the love, the aliveness now. This awakening, this realisation is always new. Dogma & belief are nothing to do with this. You are not required to give anything up, though things may fall away.

For 19 years I have been sharing with others the joy of being, beyond the separate sense of self, and beyond the mind’s ideas of identification with world and cause and effect, in residential retreats, day gatherings, evening meetings, and, most richly, in ongoing groups. Join us and discover the truth of being or deepen that Self-realisation.

Let the Circles & Gatherings give you space to explore how to live a spiritually awake life that is also an embodied happy, authentic, earthly, natural one. Enjoy!

What is shared in Secret Garden is uncompromising & infinitely tender. All there is is the beauty, the innocence, the wonder of life that cannot be captured, the non-dual that can only be pointed to in words. This resonance is shared energetically in days, retreats. & trainings, there is no agenda to change anyone, all is seen as magnificent!

I would be delighted to meet and work with you if you are new to these explorations, and to see you again soon if you are an old friend. It’s my privilege and profound pleasure to walk with those who love and value beingness and the human qualities of vulnerability, truth and vibrancy.

In endless gratit犀利士
ude to all my teachers and guides and to all those friends who bring their own particular beauty to our circles and with all love to you, Joy


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