Wishing you all a heart and soul filled Christmas season and a very happy new year

Dear participants and those who may participate in Secret Garden in future

I write in deep gratitude for the love and friendship shared between us and offered to those I write to whom I haven’t yet met. Thank you all for valuing what cannot be measured. It is such a testament to your care and love, courage and honesty that so much healing, friendship, breakthrough and celebration happens in this Secret Garden. A community that isn’t held together by belief systems or rules or expectations, just by shared valuing of that which cannot be spoken, the nothing that is everything. And shared respect and care of and sensitivity to the fragile extraordinariness of being these humans we are.

At this Christmas time, if we open to it, we can feel, if we listen, the world slowing, even stopping very soon. We can feel soul in the whole western world’s population. For once in the year, our culture en masse is invited into gratitude for home, family, friends – and also invited into celebration of spirit. The form doesn’t matter. The belief systems dont matter. The trappings of material madness and the trivia certainly dont matter.

Deep down at this time, and despite every one of those human challenges – genocide, rape, war, credit crunch, divorce, illness, loss, conflict – that tragically haunt so many, so much of the time, and yet are perhaps increasing collective awareness of reality creation, most are engaged at Christmas, at some level, in shared celebration of the mystery of what it is to be alive, what it is to open to something bigger than personal preference. The love at the silent heart of creation.

It’s beautiful to gather, whether with family and or friends or alone in a church congregation where noone knows us….to gather and mark and acknowledge the power we have EVERY single day to step back and

………listen, with every sense we are blessed with, to life and its mysterious prompting towards what is bigger than the personality. A sacred mystery, the biggest gift.

In whatever Christmas you choose to play at, find a little space to just listen with every ounce of being. Wake up. Wake up into all that you really are.

Gratitude and celebration can open into being. Its a wonderful’present’. And if you just aren’t in touch at all with even that possibility, love who you are now!

There is nowhere to go, nothing to achieve, nothing to become in this endless play of nothing being everything. This is it! Now and now, this heaven calls.

Just being, this silence and stillness, this Christmas joy.

I wish you some of the sweet, silent space of Christmas in your heart and being.

Aloha, with every breath there is love, here, now.

All love

Joy Hicklin-Bailey


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