7 keys to Intimacy

7 Keys to Intimacy arose to share as I guided a committed ongoing group into deep, alchemical meeting. What a wonderful, joyful thing it is to share with men and women in the Joyful Loving circle. It is such a privilege to work with these men and women. One thing which fascinated me the first time I spoke of these keys was how even in a Joyful loving circle, extraordinary sanctum of consciousness, love and the deepest of intimacy with others and with existence, so far from intellectual discussion, ideology or theory, many still expressed how interested they were in the 7 keys to intimacy I had shared in a particular structure.

So I thought I would share them in this blog forum as it is, of course, impossible to share the exquisiteness, the vulnerability, the openings, the radical transformations, the profundity, the joy of the rest of our shared time together. You have to be there (please contact us if you are interested in the 2019 ongoing group, which will embrace in a wholly new way the crucial areas of relating, love and pleasure as the gateway to awakeness and freedom) to receive it all.

Do let me know how these concepts touch you in the comments boxes below! Please understand that this below is all concept.  It is of the mind but it points to something beyond words and experience known by the personality, which never creates true intimacy. I want to reserve the right to change these 7 keys! These concepts are, as all things of the mind are, changeable and limited. They are so inadequate compared with the energetic of life itself, just as it is. These 7 qualities are wholly absent in the wounded separate self. The great news is that each of these keys can be learned, then developed, by the separate self, just as exercising tones the muscles. In circles, you get support and feedback as you learn, while realising you are magnificent, that life loves you, just as you are. These qualities can only arise when there is enough love of your own being. 

How the conscious mind can want structure and to know something. And the conscious mind often needs coaxing towards the unknown, of course!  It is unknowing that intimacy happens. Intimacy cannot be known, planned or reached for in the way the conscious mind loves to do. In fact, those things can create a missing of the Most Intimate. That Most Intimate that is always here, beyond, below, above, around, the mind, the mind is it, too, yet is in no place and owned by no-one.

Anyway, within that indescribable context, here they are – 7 keys to Awakened intimacy, to Joyful Loving.

1. Willingness to be with one’s own feelings (intimacy with one’s own being) and the feelings and responses of others.

2. Not knowing anything -no plan or agenda or idea about the other or life.

3. Transparent open honesty, vulnerable realness in flow.

4. Humour, living all lightly.

5. The truest commitment you can make in any given situation

6. Worshipping the other as God or Goddess, the only man, the only woman. (This could be misunderstood-I am NOT talking about lifestyle, or romance, or an idea, or projection. I’m talking about the postman, anyone we meet in the dream, this is energetic. Deep meeting becomes a gateway to a surrender to what is beyond the personal in both of you – but likely the most transformative experience of this comes with the one or ones we share most with -someone in a circle, family, a beloved spouse or partner, a life guide.)

7 Presence (with what actually is, not what we like to think is or what should be).

None of the above is the deepest truth. Enjoy playing with it. and I wish you a falling away of the personal, a revelation of that Most Intimate, beingness -which is all that is, anyway. Everything and Nothing.

I love you. I love your longings for truth, freedom and intimate connection.

I wish you the gifts of deep intimacy with your own being, with those you choose to be with, and with intimacy itself. Please share your responses and, if you are intrigued by what is possible beyond the words, have a look at the Joyful Loving ongoing training  I would love to be with you there. You’ll find the next event at Upcoming Events or email or call!



The info you share here is GOLD DUST to a man who desires to be authentic, grounded and present with life, women and also men. This is cutting-edge information. Thanks, Joy!

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