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Being Ongoing Training

All there is, is Being. Life itself is wondrous miracle. Only humans have learned to pretend it is anything else. ‘You’ are light, boundless freedom. Live it.

Return to Source

Embrace the healing power and creative potency of death and darkness

Being Honest

This is a guest blog from Tim my beloved life partner, who plays an essential part in Secret Garden both in the background between groups and supporting me and co-facilitating during them. Tim wanted to contribute on this subject that, as you will see, is close to his heart. Read more about Tim at Being
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The Journey of Relationship

Here is a video from one of the always-new Joyful Loving Weekends -  "The ‘Journey’ of Becoming Joy & Love" - find out how each aspect of the five aspects of the territory of intimate relating – urges the evolutionary impulse towards consciousness and then awakening, beyond wanting, hurt, loss, disappointment and conflict. I hope
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Healing core sexual wounds – a man speaks

S - Feelings come up when I feel energy move in my body especially around my sex centre and if I feel activity there I feel ‘what’s happened here?’ I can sit on it and deny that that’s happening.....but then I was thinking I feel it’s me projecting saying it’s good if i’m like this
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Interview with Joy Hicklin-Bailey

Colin:- We first interviewed Joy Hicklin-Bailey way back in 2008, six years ago, just at the beginning of the Magic of Being, where we focused on her coaching work and her own spiritual journey. This time our conversation focuses on what is going on now for Joy, and what plans she has for the future.
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Lomi Lomi and Living a Soulful Life – what might happen for you on a lomi lomi retreat?

When you book a place on a  LomiLomi retreat you may not consciously be intending to heal deep ancestral or childhood patterning in order to bring light into your cells and embody beingness in ordinary life.  You may be more focused on relaxation from work pressures, stress-relief, physical vitality or maintenance or relieving bodily discomfort. You
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7 keys to Intimacy

What a wonderful four days I have just shared with the Joyful Loving circles. One thing which fascinated me was how even in this extraordinary sanctum of consciousness, love and the deepest of intimacy with others and with existence, so far from intellectual discussion, many expressed how interested they were in 7 keys to intimacy
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