The body – love, joy, respect

Lomi Lomi brings a respectful, and joyful relationship with your body, similar to that you might have with a beloved animal or child. Lomi lomi heals and prevents stress. A large amount of the ‘dis-ease’ humans experience comes from ‘stress’. I see this word ‘stress’ as cultural shorthand for ‘dishonouring the body and nature’.
Lomi Lomi helps you recognise what your body’s needs and rhythms are, and prioritise those above external demands or inner push from the wanting of ‘me’. The sense of ‘you’ comes from story, thoughts, feelings, and beliefs and overall contraction. These affect the balance of the innocent ‘soft animal of your body’ very deeply, every moment. Awakening dismantles this whole construction. Above all, Secret Garden is an invitation to awaken and stay awake.
This Lomi Lomi retreat can, if there is resonance and openness, also bring realisation of who or what ‘you’ actually are, which is Life itself. A limitless field of pure aliveness and consciousness, which is not born, does not die, and is unchanging.
The depth and embodiment of awakening to this profoundly effects the health of your body.
Lomi Lomi in Secret Garden is a wave of infinity, light grounded in conscious touch. Lomi lomi grows your sensitivity to, love for and embodied realisation of all of life, whatever its colour, in you, in those in your life. Spiritual healing.
Lomi is also a profound healing of any old stories of ‘not good enough’, or current life sorrows, losses and frustrations that might be part of your being human. Emotional healing.
And lomi lomi is simply blissful to receive, deeply relaxing, health-bringng and revitalising. Physical healing.
You benefit from world class facilitation and light filled transmission throughout. This rare and precious offering only happens occasionally.
The field looks after all, precisely and perfectly, whether you are new to Lomi, have a little experience or are an experienced practitioner.
In the lomi lomi practice, you focus on deeply listening and allowing the flow of grace, energetic guidance and nature to inspire you. Trying, pushing or having any agenda is released easily in the being in love that lomi lomi is.
The practice is a being in the present moment, throughout your sessions, whether giving lomi lomi or receiving it. And a commitment to taking 100% responsibility for your inner and outer experience, while you are held and nourished by the field. Mostly you will receive from two beautiful people in our circle, and give with a partner where there is a falling in love in service to life.
If you are drawn, trust that call of the soul! May bank holiday treat for YOU
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 B and b available in a beautiful, rural location with hot tub, gardens and woodland walks.

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