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Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage

A demo of the basic back strokes you can learn at a Secret Garden Lomilomi retreat. To find out how Secret Garden could benefit you please visit

Forgiveness, Ho’oponopono, loss & the human journey – and your awakening and freedom

'You', awake or unconscious, are Love and Freedom. You are not the thoughts or feelings. You are not the conditioned messages. You are Life itself. How do forgiveness and ho'oponopono help you realise this? During the apparent 'journey' of awakening to the Love and Freedom that always is, always was, in coming into more consciousness, getting
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Lomi Lomi and Living a Soulful Life – what might happen for you on a lomi lomi retreat?

When you book a place on a  LomiLomi retreat you may not consciously be intending to heal deep ancestral or childhood patterning in order to bring light into your cells and embody beingness in ordinary life.  You may be more focused on relaxation from work pressures, stress-relief, physical vitality or maintenance or relieving bodily discomfort. You
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What is a Secret Garden circle?

Secret Garden circle work and shamanic work are a profound call to stillness, silence, deep work and self-inquiry for those who are looking for deeper fulfilment in their lives and an awakening of or deeper realisation of the truth of who they are. This is spiritual work  that is authentic, sane, potent, grounded, and full of passion
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what is aloha?

Aloha is inner silence, empty of belief, story, judgement. Sunshine sings it,  rain falls through it, winds breathe it, trees are moved by it,  the earth rolls with it, children grow with it, the ocean churns it, bodies may love it into beingness. Aloha is Spirit beyond form, the soul of creation. Aloha is silence,
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What has Self – Love got to do with it?

This apparent world which is both real and unreal, both something and nothing, is simply love, aloha, unfolding. So to ‘love oneself’ and to always celebrate the precious life you are, is, in ‘your’ unfolding story, the first massive step towards being. There is no one, there is no separation, all there is is this,
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What would be the point of you having a daily meditation practice?

Recently, I was drawn to remind the participants of the current Being With All That Is ongoing group, that if they are moved to make the worldly story better-and there is nothing wrong with that!-how helpful a regular meditation and self-healing practice is, however simple. The beginning of the day is a good time and if
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