What has Self – Love got to do with it?

This apparent world which is both real and unreal, both something and nothing, is simply love, aloha, unfolding.

So to ‘love oneself’ and to always celebrate the precious life you are, is, in ‘your’ unfolding story, the first massive step towards being.

There is no one, there is no separation, all there is is this, here now which is beyond time and place (the words cannot speak it).

You all love this truth, that is why you are drawn to this secret garden.

The truth becomes corrupted by even well meaning parents or educators or politicians and through language, because in various ways you are told and might take in (it would be extremely hard not to) that love is conditional and has to be earned.

This isn’t true.

The FIRST most important step in Huna (it means the hidden knowledge that brings enlightenment) or Hawaiian healing is self-love. Without this you are not aligned with life.

To say ‘I love myself’, to say I love the dark, the light, the frailty, the physical limits, the raw wildness, etc etc!!! is not the deepest truth but it is a MASSIVE transformation. This is so huge and so fundamental. And who feels better to be around? Som日本藤素
eone who knows their dark and is tenderly ok with it, or someone who either denies it or fights it or has no choice but to express it?

It is deep soul work down the aeons, through the galaxies of consciousness. For most it is life’s work if they DARE!!!

Then there is so much more! Falling off the cliff into no-thing……

But to love oneself really means to discover that all there is is love. To chip away chip chip chip at the pretence of being anyone or having problems. This requires great compassion from friends, the spiritual community you create for yourself, in the circles, and great authenticity and self-honesty. It is much safer to be ‘together’ ‘sorted’ and to know who one is, even though it is all made up!

You ask about whether to energise the goal of being with a man…..Self-love is so much more essential in being happy than the love of man (or woman)

You can choose to energise a goal of being with a man. But there are some good questions to ask oneself about that first. Simply energising with out clearing first is a good way to manifest all your limitations in the mirror of a partner –but that is exquisitely perfect learning of course. (first noa then noho) What a  beautiful way to learn that all there is, is love! Or you can keep peeling away the layers of resistance to being with a beloved and just see if life brings someone.

Either way is fine. Either way the doorway to truly Joyful Loving begins with using the first key of self –love.

with great aloha

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