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Return to Source

Embrace the healing power and creative potency of death and darkness

Living beyond blame

Do you act, speak, feel as though you are 100% responsible for your life? If so, then you respond authentically and with wholeness, totality in the moment rather than with robotic conditioning. Before taking full responsibility, many people play the role of the victim and blame their circumstances or other people for their circumstances and concerns. Such projections distort
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What can thwart intimacy?

What can thwart intimacy? Denial and repression…the desire to repress life and control life, the desire to transcend life, the desire to die The importance of moving and expressing for YOU Drop the desire to fix it outside Come into full presence You can learn and experience so much at a live event - join
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Interview with Joy Hicklin-Bailey

Colin:- We first interviewed Joy Hicklin-Bailey way back in 2008, six years ago, just at the beginning of the Magic of Being, where we focused on her coaching work and her own spiritual journey. This time our conversation focuses on what is going on now for Joy, and what plans she has for the future.
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Big men are real enough to feel!

Recently I was working with a couple for the first time who, by virtue of their background in therapeutic work and facilitating tantra groups, could have been expected to deeply ‘know the territory’ when it came to relating and intimate communication. However assumptions are dangerous. Their marriage was in a very dire state. It was quickly clear
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Walking in the man-woman shadows

Joy talking with a circle and to a woman, after a challenge from a woman to one of the men. ‘Your rage against man and not getting what you thought you wanted is glorious -and not the truth. Your rage against man’s ability to let go more easily, his ability to be sexual without falling
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What has Self – Love got to do with it?

This apparent world which is both real and unreal, both something and nothing, is simply love, aloha, unfolding. So to ‘love oneself’ and to always celebrate the precious life you are, is, in ‘your’ unfolding story, the first massive step towards being. There is no one, there is no separation, all there is is this,
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