What if this were a miracle wake up call?

Sometimes when I am in a circle or a session one to one with a client or in a couples session there can be sharings where there is an underlying assumption of ‘I shouldn’t be feeling this,’ Im wrong to feel this,’ ‘something is wrong with my life if I feel this,’ ‘I must fix this’, ‘this isn’t my best self’ etc etc.

Who says?

What if deadness where an exquisite offering from life? A delicacy as beautiful as a rose?

What if a tense neck or cutting off emotions is simply an invitation to the miracleOf being. Of having the luxury of experiencing aliveness as this shade, as this note, as this sensation…here, now as this unique expression of what is impersonal?

What if hatred or jealousy or depair (…. or fill in the blank!) is the holy wholly; feeling not ‘in love’ is Grace visiting. Is an invitation into the silence, the ineffable love that Is?

What if betrayal was love in action? (just to tease some of you! Don’t panic Captain Mainwaring!)

What if even the feeling trapped in the conditioned self, trapped in the mind, was for now enough, for now a MIRACLE? a miracle wake up call to let go so deeply, to surrender so fully, that all there is, is silence and love unfolding?

The sessions and circles are an invitation. In the appearance, in this real and unreal dream of being, the one ‘breakthrough’ is from being a me, a self, with a story, and simply being. There is nothing wrong, when one has a story and an apparent self, with doing what undoubtedly makes the story better. So in a circle or a breakthrough session, psychotherapy may happen, interventions may happen, ‘talking about’ may happen, Huna (shamanic healing) may happen,  lineage work may happen, a raising of consciousness may happen, healing may happen, energetic transmission happens.

And of course it is also true that consciousness and the self-responsibility necessary for the surrender, grows, ironically in spite of the learned resistance to the dark or dead.

Love anyway no matter what ‘you’ appear to be or feel or be thinking and there might just come the possibility of simply being, (which might just include being love in the presence of ‘another’), because love is always and simply and radiantly WHAT IS. (I can’t say ‘in the moment’ because Love is beyond time)

There is nowhere to go. Nothing to become (yes, practice is a total lie). In this all is revealed. It is too simple. Too exquisite. Too awesome for the mind. So so wondrous it cannot be told.

So ordinary one who lives it is totally misunderstood most of the time.

So totally easy to remember and blindingly obvious that it has to keep being repeated. What is is that you seek, whatever your colour of being.

What to do but keep good company and re-member. At least some of the time.

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and https://secretgarden.co.uk/backup/breakthrough-sessions/


Karen S

Dear Joy

Reading this, I suddenly realised that years and years of studying psychology, counselling, coaching and all that mularkey and reading countless ‘self-help’ books has reinforced this idea that there is something wrong with me, or something to be improved on, at least!

What a relief it would be to finally let go of that idea and simply accept and love what is here now, including myself with all my self-invented ‘flaws’. So many people have told me I think too much. I’ll give it up for lent! (and eat chocolate instead!)xxx

Joy Hicklin-Bailey

Hurrah! yes that is the trap of ‘self-help’ and ‘personal development’.
Enjoy your lent ‘sacrifice’ -and the chocolate!
You might enjoy the ‘About’ page which expands on this theme a bit.
lots of love to you
Joy xx

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