Clarifying Awakenings, The Witness & Freedom

In this response to some great questions, Joy clarifies the differences between awakenings, witness consciousness and freedom is essential as there are many confusing teachings about these three very different things. The confusions can create problems for the separate self and some of them can have serious consequences in the appearance. Positively, in the appearance, knowing the territory with clarity can create relaxation for someone who thinks they are a ‘me’ in their unfolding ‘process’ of individuation and waking up.

If there is a contracted separate self, all that can be done is to make the life which appears to belong to someone more apparently pleasing. Freedom cannot be owned. Nothing can ever be done to ‘achieve’ it. The message can apparently dissolve the trying. ‘Me’ dissolves because it isn’t real.

Freedom is the life that infuses all forms and is not changed at all when any or all forms are gone. If you are drawn by this message, there is a day of dialogue, talk, silence and laughter exploring in more depth. Joy will be sharing explicitly here the underlying context, whatever their stated theme, of all Secret Garden events. The transmission is strong and unfettered.

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