What grows in a Secret Garden spring? A short tale of 2 ongoing groups

It has been a very rich spring in this Secret Garden! The groups have been as rich and alive and glorious as the humming of life all around in our gardens, countryside and wilderness.

Two circles –the Joyful Loving ongoing group and the Being With All That Is ongoing group the following month –were so powerful in very different ways.

These two ongoing groups are the living spine of Secret Garden . The ongoing groups are always new (in relation to structures, sharings, themes, mood, the unique moment unfolding) and offer a way for participants to keep coming back to a space where soul is grown and where awakenings to what is so much bigger than the personal happen very frequently. Trust grows deep because there is this intimacy and safe holding. And the egroup means that there is meaningful integration happening between modules so the circle is ever-present.

Those dipping their toes in for the first time to ongoing spiritual community, and those who come for one off public weekends occasionally are awestruck by how awakening appears to be contagious! and how easily stories or pain they thought was theirs for good can be released forever.

Those participants who have been part of this ongoing community for years love this space because here they find safety alongside adventure, deep friendships alongside new meetings, pleasure birthing itself from pain, resentment becoming love, contraction becoming vast spacious being, and so much more. It seems there is a certain awareness of the beauty, the miracle that life is here, now, that doesn’t leave lovers of the true, whatever is happening in their lives.

To participate in Secret Garden this way is awe inspiring, mysterious and very beautiful. It cannot be analysed. Some things are beyond price in life – these ongoing groups are priceless.

The energy of the Joyful Loving women’s days this spring was high, exquisitely beautiful, tender, honest, sensual. Aphrodite graced us strongly! And the ritual meeting with the men, who had been in their own weekend space together, was breathtakingly powerful. Those men, palpably nourished by the time they spent in man space, received the women with awesome care, presence and strength.

In the Joyful Loving module, singles and couples blossomed and thrived, saw themselves and each other new and found play where there had been heaviness. Couples, or singles attending alone, whose relationship was in a hard space found the reflection and support to move forwards in life ANYWAY and new insights into what was being created and how. Insights too into what was in their power to change and what asked for surrender. The shadows, once embraced, brought gold and deepened intimacy.

Many say if it weren’t for what they learn in circles they may not still be together with their partner. Some say if it weren’t for circles they may have put up with an overly restrictive, unhappy relating situation for much longer than they needed to.

Potentially life changing discoveries unfolded for participants about how they contract or expand, what they reject or judge in themselves and others and how to come into more friendship with that. Life force is se-ual and to be in absolute friendship with all the infinite complexities of se-ual energy is to live a creative life. It is the rocket fuel, opening gateways to every aspect of human experience, and ultimately, liberation beyond that.

And of course there is always so much laughter, love and friendship in a circle like this, deeply bonded as it is after many regular meetings. Your next opportunity to share this love of being is in a public weekend exploration of intimacy, communication and sensuality at Secret Garden upcoming events Looking forward to being with you soon!

In Being With All That is, (see events in The Most Intimate category for similar) as trust grew deeper in module two, many experienced a liberating revisiting of very significant, up til now life -defining stories they have carried for years, and a very new and extraordinary freedom as they moved back into their lives. An extraordinary foundation for the rest of this journey. In the end, although this Secret Garden is not about fixing anything, one of the most exciting things to witness is how shifts and deeper self-realisations in participants translate back into living everyday life and how the ripples of freedom, love, tenderness and beauty ripple out and affect families, communities, workplaces, creative expressions, abundance, friends, relationships, way beyond the circle. all love, Joy



Beautiful, blossoming flowers grow in the Secret Garden. Its indescribable, rare and precious to witness the unfolding and opening that has taken place in myself and fellow travellers. Its a delight to witness others shed years of pain and conditioning that gap kept them stuck, and its so much simpler and more powerful than years of therapy, or some other fruitless new age approach. Huna simply works. And Joy offers so much more than Huna. Her gift is priceless and beyond words. Come and see for yourself. You will be made so welcome by all. New people are so very welcome. Hope to see you soon!


wow dearest Karen -only just saw this. thank you. missing you sweetheart xxxx


Wow!! Fancy that! Four years ago- was I just back from a SG gathering perhaps?

That was two years before I moved to Pembs- how the times they are a changin’ 🙂

I miss you too, dear Joy and Secret Gardeners.

Love to all xxx

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