Who comes to Secret Garden?

Many people who come to circles are ‘at the end of the road’ of a long journey of personal growth or exploration of advaita or shamanism. They speak of how they have never before experienced this unique Secret Garden combination of human vulnerability and realness and the energetic release beyond the personality’s limits into nothing and everything. An alchemical soulful fusion of clarity, ruthless compassion, love and humanity.

Those new to exploration of this nature, perhaps those coming to a public weekend for the first time,  soak up the trust and grace as if by osmosis, so that their openings are apparently perhaps easier, their discoveries and clear seeing deeper than they might have been. Participants quickly live more of their largeness, with archetypal depth, with clarity and consciousness and grace. They learn that it is ok for the heart to break. They learn about human need, they grow their compassion. They learn to speak authentically.  they know that they will receive what nourishes them, which is the stuff of creation, it is love. They come to love the shadows they once hid from or kept hidden, and know the new-ness and aliveness that comes from this openness to and embrace of all that is in their own and others’ human beingness. They speak of how they have never felt so loved as they do in a Secret Garden circle. they know deep down that everything about them is embraced, loved, accepted, even if they havent consciously shared all of who they are yet! They discover the ease with which change can apparently happen when they get out of their own way.

Some participants are bankers, some are healers, some are civil servants, carpenters, photographers, musicians, nurses, parents, cooks and whatever else….what they have in common ultimately is a love of what is beyond the ‘small me’, beyond the roles and responsibilities of every day life, what cannot be spoken of in words, the nothing and everything of being.

aloha, Joy

If this draws you, join us soon https://secretgarden.co.uk/backup/events

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