Cheltenham talk 3 – shift into sensitivity & transparency

Dropping Sensitivity Transparency Showing up in our human Vulnerability does its own healing & creates intimacy The mind fears an endless ocean of endless unpredictability Do you know how to make intimacy and connection happen in your life?

What do we do when we feel rejected or a failure?

Joy speaks to a distressed man at the end of a Joyful Loving gathering. He has courageously voiced his pain about rejection by women (encouraged by the men’s circle) but he doesn’t believe his receiving of love in the training will translate to his life outside of it. He feels he can’t relate the same way in his…

Cheltenham talk 2 Boundaries

Intimacy is dangerous Learning to set boundaries How boundary setting can create conflict Unconscious fear of loss Learning to communicate boundaries Looking after what is precious

Cheltenham talk 1 Intimacy

An invitation to the depths How personality resists & defends against it A meeting of two nobodies There is love or there is fear in embodied experience on the planet Beyond time Intimacy is to not know anything

What kind of feedback deepens intimacy?

It is a key life skill, essential if we wish for deep intimate connection,  to be able to ask for what we need or would like. Sometimes that involves telling another what we don't wish for, too. Truly vulnerable, honest feedback is a powerful way in which you create the relating life you wish for.…

What can thwart intimacy?

What can thwart intimacy? Denial and repression…the desire to repress life and control life, the desire to transcend life, the desire to die The importance of moving and expressing for YOU Drop the desire to fix it outside Come into full presence You can learn and experience so much at a live event - join…

A few reflections lovemaking in consciousness

Making love in consciousness, in being - paying attention to the most intimate Lovemaking as meditation What happens in transformation of man’s penis The pressure man can feel to perform, get release, please woman Man’s deep vulnerability Making love with no conditions

Mr Grumpy and the screaming banshee transformed at the heart

Joy refers to an invitation to notice where the masculine cuts across the feminine & how to give feedback Men’s holdbacks likely to be pride & resentment so likely to feel those as they explore invitation Mr Grumpy Woman doesn’t need to become a screaming banshee - Your power resides in your heart The grit…

Brendans grief We are with all that being human is

Joyful Loving is about beingness & relating to others You are not required to be or do anything a particular way It’s beautiful to be made love to & to cry We are working with all that being human is, you let us see you. To find out how Secret Garden could benefit you please…